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  1. Update 8.0 announced for simcity 2013

    Catering for the lowest common denominator in gaming rigs was their first problem. They set the bar too low and are alienating the majority of true gamers. The second is that sims do not have persistant houses or jobs, which means ALOT of extra processing as every building and every home on the map looks for residents/workers every day (Especially with larger map sizes- I suspect this is one of the reasons they cant pull it off). This also makes traffic simulation unrealistic too The Glassbox engine has alot of potential, but quite nasty flaws (And the limitations EA have put on system requirements) I hope that one day there will be a new Simcity (A decent one) and it will be called "SIMCITY 5"
  2. It seems they are making the game too easy...
  3. I dont mind the offline mode as much, but still, I wont buy it until there are BIGGER MAPS (Like most others here) Why build up, when theres still plenty of room to expand outwards!!! So much empty land... And if they added persistant jobs and houses I would buy this in a heartbeat at full price! (Which is still $80 in Australia...) (Tropico has really spoiled me in this regard!)
  4. SimCity Blog: Telephone City Part One

    Problem for those outside the US... I cant even see these blog posts unless I go through a US proxy
  5. Its the opposite here in Perth. We've just had our week long heatwave (Started before Christmas, 42°C New years eve, ended yesterday), and now its cooler (will heat up over the weekend again though), but its nice to have a cool change, although it wont last long
  6. My biggest reservation/concern about the game (As has been mentioned) is that cities do not connect to each other. Cities connect to prebuilt highways/railways which connect to other cities. Essentially, a third party connection Its like the leaves of a tree. Although they function with one another and if one is diseased, it can spread, the cities themselves do not actually interact with each other. What a region will be is a patchwork of towns/villages with large expanses between them. Neither realistic nor functional (Why [as a sim] spend million of dollars building a skyscraper as a town is out of space, where the lot next door which is outside the city borders is barren and deviod of any develpment, as are several kilometers of land before the next town)
  7. Simcity Disasters trailer released

    Also it seems that roads are unaffected by disasters and there are no more crators or visible effects of disasters on the landscape either (except on buildings)
  8. Simcity Interview & Walkthrough

    Thanks mapboy. Hopefully they release more details on this soon, or even ask for community feedback for the ordinances. I was hoping they'd release some more details about the financial side of things in E3, but I guess they do still have 7 months to work on the game, and finances are something a little further down the "importance" queue... First is getting the simulations right!
  9. Simcity Interview & Walkthrough

    What im most concerned about so far is that all they have said is "sandbox". So far there has been no mention of taxation, finances or ordinances. I would be disappointed if it is a Simcity where you get unlimited money and only have to worry about demand. Although, I would like to see what would happen if a city in your region goes bankrupt. Perhaps then the other cities will have to bail it out!