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  1. After just two years, I'm starting properly!

    If you need help, I would be glad to dust off my C++ skill and grab some tasks. You said you needed to rewrite some code? Well, in Github, create some tasks and let some folks rewrite while you work on some other logic. It would be a good excercise to help me get back into C++.
  2. Needing a lot of ram is not going to change with the operating system. The game variables will still take up the exact same memory footprint.
  3. Hopefully you with your next 'expansion' you unlock more than a million sims... That would be sweet :)
  4. Wait, this game is written in C#? Why would they do that? Unless there is a C# library that gets pretty low level. It's almost like writing this thing in Java... Anyway, why are we decompiling dll's? This isn't our source but the developers? Don't you guys feel a tad bit unethical messing with someone else's source.
  5. Bro, I have some good ideas about how to create massive cities. I can help you work on the engine. Just shoot me a line.
  6. Multivariable Calculus isn't a big deal at all. Its just single variable calculus where the other variables are considered constant while you integrate/differentiate over the first variable. Go to the first three classes and you should be able to get all the rest of the work done easy. Now Organic Chemistry... Is hard as hell. But now you will one less class to worry about while you play this lousy expansion pack [/My_attempt_to_make_myself_feel_smarter_by_bragging_about_how_much_I_know_about_a_class_I_got_a_B-_in]
  7. Discussion about City Tile Size

    larger contiguous maps and offline mode are what this game needs.
  8. Discussion about City Tile Size

    It's likely a bit of both. With pathfinding over long distances, it becomes an issue of combinatorial optimization: the difficulty and complexity of these computations increase exponentially as the number of choices, possibilities, and variables branch out further and further... essentially the classic "traveling salesman problem." These problems are what are known as NP-Hard problems and is a type of computation that traditional computing hardware struggles with. It essentially needs to brute-force and calculate every possibility in order to compare them and find the most optimal solution. For an example of how this exponential increase in difficulty would translate into the game, for graph of x2, where x is the area of the city lot and y is number of calculable possibilities: Where x = 5, y = 25. Doubling the map area, x, making x = 10 returns y = 100... a 4x increase in complexity. Tripling the map area, making x = 14, returns y = 225... a 45x increase in complexity. So just by doubling the map size, it would increase computational complexity by up to four times... just for pathfinding alone. The most effective means of solving these sort of NP-hard, combinatorial optimization computations is currently a quantum computer taking advantage of Grover's algorithm, which can give a quadratic speedup over typical computational brute-force search calculation methods. (But that won't help you very much unless you're Google, NASA, or Lockheed Martin and have access to a D-Wave 2 computer.) Most likely, Maxis isn't using typical brute-force means to solve the NP-Hard pathfinding solutions simply due to the computational load it requirement. Instead, they've probably developed a much more rudimentary pathfinding system with more simple rules and calculations, resulting in far lower CPU usage... but at the same time also being far less efficient in its pathfinding decisions (as you've undoubtedly seen firsthand). But doubling the map size will still create exponentially greater pathing variations and would certainly make the Glassbox pathfinding systems, as it stands, even less effective... not to mention that doubling the map size would also lead to nearly doubling the number of agents requiring pathfinding. Most pathfinding we see in games is only being used for a handful of NPCs at a time. The more effective pathfinding system, the higher the CPU demands. So in order to run this pathfinding for several hundred of game agents, simultaneously, it requires "dumbing down," of sorts, in order to make the load manageable. TL;DR: My point is that effective pathfinding is not that simple to implement, especially on the scale that is required within SimCity due to the sheer number of agents. Doubling the map size will have a much bigger impact on the game's computational requirements than one might suspect. The issue is of limitations both with the GlassBox engine and with CPU load. The GlassBox engine likely would struggle with larger maps; Improving the GlassBox engine to work more efficiently on larger maps would require more clock cycles. Note: So as not to misinterpret my intent, I am not defending EA/Maxis here, and I'm all for larger map sizes... I merely just want to make it clear that the issue is more complex than it may appear. Personally, I'm not going to get my hopes up. You have summarized the problem in a way I am not sure I even could have attempted (I was terrible at Algorithms back in college). Which is why I am an advocate of a simple statistical simulation eliminating the need for such complex path finding algorithms, and just show a statistical representation of traffic over a certain path (road, rail, etc). I am not sure why they went this route, but I think and I have asserted this almost since I first heard of this, that the glassbox engine was a poor design decision born out of Maxis' misunderstanding of why SimCity Fans play there game. Glassbox was probably designed for Simtown 15 years ago, and they dusted it off for this game... But let me just say that they create statistical representation of populations anyway, why not just go all the way?
  9. I don't think Maxis has confirmed any of this yet. They want to change the tile size to a bigger tile [link], but the problem is that most normal computers can't handle this. We got to wait a bit longer I guess. PC's can handle this fine...............you don't know what you are talking about. This game is not demanding, and users can turn down some settings on bigger maps. The always online is why this game is so limited, not local PC;s. The problem is that with a change of the map size there is a lot more simulation to calculate. Since the Glassbox engine simulates every citizen separately this could mean that the requirements of the game changes a lot. And even if most modern computers have i5 processors, the game should also be accessible for people with dual cores and i3 (the i3 is also a very common processor for most modern computers). And I agree, the online mode is a serious problem and should absolutely be optional but I think it is a combination of always online and local pc's. For EA it is most profitable to make the game accessible to as many computers as possible without lowering graphics (since that is a big selling point for most people). The main reason to develop this game for EA is to earn money, that's part of the reason why they have such standards for compatibility. System requirements are the things people look at first before even buying the game so if you lower those requirements you have more potential customers. Don't get me wrong, I really think they should implement bigger maps and my computer has also the requirements to run those bigger maps. I just think that people with older computers should also be able to run the game properly. Hate to break it to you, but they fudge the simulation to get larger population numbers...http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9362976.page
  10. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Let me be the first to proudly proclaim I didn't buy the game. I was disappointed in the feature set they had and I decided to save myself the grief and wait 2 years or so for all the feature/expansion packs to be in the bargain bin for 9.95. But I watch gameplay vids on Youtube all the time, and while it does look fun (I like the options they have for roads and transportation), I can't bring myself to play on a Micro map. I like large scenic cities. Cities with lots of space to expand so I can have freedom to build out the city and place things anywhere needed. I get it, you think its fine the way it is. I don't. I want LARGER contiguous tiles (Ie the cities are next to each other) with NO SPACES between cities. If they don't do that, I feel no need to purchase the game as it is merely a shadow of its former self. I would actually not mind playing simcity 4 instead.
  11. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Nobody is claiming to want SimCity 4. We simply want a STEP FORWARD in city simulation and not BACKWORDS. the tile sizes are ridiculous. I understand they need more processing power etc, but they could still process and find routes etc, with a progressive simulation... similar to how you dont draw graphics you cant see you dont simulate the simulation that isnt important. if you want to know more, and I doubt you do because you like micro-maps, then I could start a new topic and we can discuss this there. some people like creating large metropolises. If you dont then simply dont, dont deny us the option of building them.
  12. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I wouldn't hold my breath. It seems like there are only 3 people commenting on this thread, so only 3 people care. Which makes me sad. That being said, among those of us who care, I think we should make it clear that we have some demands for this game to be improved. My only hope is that they are working on a sequel to this thing (lets say Simcity 2015) and for that we ABSO-FREAKING-LUTLELY need to make sure Maxis gets the idea. We want Larger maps Contiguous tiles (Like in SimCity 4) Terraforming Offline city mode... Something like that wouldn't be hard to program. I believe I have explained how I would have done this. But you can implement this in any number of ways. Multi-core processers are now on smart phones, there is no reason why you can't break up the simulation into several threads. Regardless. I hope someone from Maxis is reading this. Someone get me in contact with those guys.
  13. Discussion about City Tile Size

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yes I want larger cities ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is supposed to be sim CITY... Not sim town. Cities are larger than that. Small towns are about that size. Thanks, Derek
  14. 4.0 Patch Notes Are Here!

    What happened to my post complaining about the small and non contiguous tiles? I really hate that Simtropolis has now become a place where censorship reigns. I have a valid complaint and the mods just scrub it.
  15. Update on citysize?

    Now that they sold there 1.6 Million they will say its a success and us long time fans are screwed. No larger maps or contiguous maps, no terraforming. And always online. Yippee. As I get older I get more and more Jaded about the video game industry. It's just a bunch of crooks and robbers who get you hooked, and then make you beg for the goodies. Mod Edit: Mind your language please.