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  1. Must be true because someone posted this over on the official EA forums and it was yanked almost instantly. EA trying to do damage control.
  2. Someone anyone? Is trading between Regions broke or not? Some say yes others say no while yet others are building massive cities. Can we please get some direction?
  3. I'm buying power from another city, but the area view shows I'm using 0 out of xx available. When I switch to the other city there are power agents flowing up and down the streets but they are not flowing in to my city. I don't understand why? It shows I'm buying their power but my city is neither using nor getting any from them? What's wrong?
  4. Has Anyone Gotten the Prima Guide?

    Does it divulge the strategy on how to get past the loading screen?
  5. ^ yes this slow down turtle speed even more. Very hard to click on a car and follow when it's going 100 miles an hour Also I'd like to a watch my city in slower motion. Pause kind of break the immersion.
  6. Turtle speed is simply too fast for me, would love to see turtle speed about half of what it is now. Is there a file or something we can change a value in to decrease the speed?
  7. Created two cities, A and B. Developed A as residential and I have medium wealth residents, about 270 worth. Created city B with nothing but industry, about 10 shops + a coal plant, and let them fully build. I have no workers coming from A to B, yet they complain about unemployment in A. When I switch to regional view the advisor says residents in City A must be medium wealth. They are. Am I do something wrong?
  8. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I personally could care less about online play or sharing my city with anyone, but the small mapsize is a dealbreaker. The solution is to allow options to increase map sizes based on computer spects, if they want large maps in multiplay limit the option to private/single play only. Don't limit my game play because others don't have a great PC.