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  1. Havnt posted in years. Got a new system last week and installed Cities Skylines. I still have all my old SC4 Rising Sun oil models (including unfinished) Is it possible to get those from Gmax/Architect tool into Skylines somehow? If it is not too much effort i'd be happy to contribute to Oil Refinery content for Skylines.
  2. EA Shuts Down SimCity Developer Maxis

    Xenocity you are absolutely right! Profit = reason for existance in any business But as with al art forms at a certain point it belongs to the people, they are the reason it once was a succes in the first place. Reason most people hate EA however is that they $%&^! al over IP once it has been acquired it (due to terms and condition of the acquisition) and when they dont $%&^! all over it, they shelf it, allowing non to make promising sequals. In comparison, even if SC3K was highest in sales and SC2013 is the runner up, SC2013 was released in the social media hype train age and they targeted a much wider audiance. (reason for smaller maps) It might have been a more profitable succes than SC4 but in term of game sequal succes it was utterly horrible. It has been becomming a trend to release buggy and unfinished games for EA where players will buy it anyway becuse of the IP. And that is the real reason EA is the big bad guy here, even if the other big publishers tend to be worse at certain aspects, the perception remains thus, EA games suck becuase of the decrease in quality compared to prequals. But that might be the rose colored nostalgia glasses speaking in some cases. As long as the idea is out there that EA is horrible, the perception won't change. Simple sollution for this really ... Dont buy EA games, no disappointment.
  3. So let me see here, what genres to screw up with this free to play concept crap: The Sims > The sims facebook Command & Conquer -> Tiberium Alliance Dungeon Keeper -> Dungeon Keeper Mobile Simcity -> SimCity Buildit Black & White? Spore? Age of Empires? Populous? Red Alert? Dune universe? iF EA had the titles they do the same to StarCraft and the Settlers in a heartbeat. (settlers actually having it true to its gameplay somewhat atleast) Everytime they pull this $%&^! they get serious negative feedback, why are there so many people paying for this free to play crap? why are they maintaining EA's greedyness?
  4. SimCity BuildIt announced

    And here it is, the real reason citiy sizes are limited ...
  5. DizzyDisaster shows some new mods on Twitch.

    Can i get a summery of what was discussed? Only trhing I trully care about is mapsize modding =/
  6. its stil $39.99 so no .... once it gets to $19.99 I become slightly intrested. So stay quiet, work on the enxt gen with bigger maps or something.
  7. Hey everyone, I have been looking for new Indie games a lot lately. Allas my search was usually ended with disappointment.. untill I came across this one: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crytivogames/the-universim I feel it looks promising! It comes down to a Sim Universe, kind of like Spore but totally different. You start on a planet, grow a civilization, use resources, develop technologies, space exploration and space expansion if your civilization. From the looks of their promotion I think the community might like it, just take a look at the kick-starter. I've been trying to get this to the news-feed as the kick-starter is only 8 days left as of this post and still needs a lot of funding. What do you guys think of this project?
  8. Kip Katsarelis welcomes players back to the game

    So they notice people left already? That still isn't a hint? Simcity 4 is still played massively for its age, but people already quit this game within 7 months. Wake up!! Oh yeah almost fergot, BIGGERMAPS! rablerablerable
  9. SimCity Raise/Lower Tool Preview

    The moment the map get decent I'm in, good stuff but al too late, should have been done at release, they known for ages what we wanted.
  10. SimCity Raise/Lower Tool Preview

    Toooo late!
  11. Firstly, you'd have to define Beta. This game doesn't meet that definition (despite many users wanting it to). I do prefer the Agile methodology of software development. You allow users to provide direction, instead of putting hours into development of features users don't want. Agile employs the use of fast and constant updates because it gathers feedback and deploys a package to address the need. This doesn't qualify as a full game either if you ask me. IF users had that option to give direction, why do we have online play, small maps and al the other OBVIOUS things we never wanted but got, and wanted but never got. Agile relies on the principle that one uses base forms to achieve many differant full forms, respond to demand. So why did SC get the electro cars and zepelins? and the yarnbol landmarks and the theme parks? When the 1st and foremost request is bigger maps and transport options? That they already knew we wanted but didnt add? They should have already been in the game, al excuses to rip of the consumer base and hoard sponsorships.
  12. This is going in a better direction just... no room for the overpasses on account of full maps and they will probably ask money for it while it should have already been in game
  13. If I was kidding, would I post my thoughts? For lots of people, the most fun is when the disaster comes, wipes out the city and forces you to do something different with the city. Does the cloud remove the ability to restart your city after a disaster? Yes it does. There are times I wish I had that SC4 function to go back and reload - however, I don't. It forces you to be strategic in your actions. You don't think their social sites tipped them off about wanting bigger maps? Or did I misunderstand you? Your last sentence is somewhat comical. EA is a business, and a for-profit one. Yes, yes they are in business to make money (like all business). So you thing always online is a good idea? A very core part of disasters in simcity that cant be undone is a good point? I give it to you in the strategic aspect, but thats not it's 1st selling point, its the freedom of creating your own world. And disasters give you that extra feeling of control: http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6298426/sim-city-mayor I was beeing sarcastic on the FB issue, they know, and thats my point. Its thievery making a game that is supposed to be a sequal sort to speak (reboot is an excuse for a name) Where you would expect there is MORE in the game. New generations would suggest something grows into something more, not les. I don't mind the online concept, and if anything i'd be playing it... if I had the choice to play an offline version if I wished, that was more like the previous versions of the game. The game just feels too empty for me right now. EA might be a busines but that by no means gives them the right to treat there customers like crap by endles, upon endles idea MILKING for the sake of getting revenue up. If it wasn't for the IP i'd select a differant producer. If they actually listened to customers more, the effect of increased social corporate responsibility will do that for them. I'm sure that alot more sales would have happened if they actually did start of beter and the game would not have such a bad image amongst the SC/game community. Money or not, you don't screw over your customer base, they are the reason you exist.