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  1. Yes I am experiencing something similar. I ran the game at home with an external monitor connected on the highest resolution possible. Then I went on the road and when I try to run it on the built in monitor on a Macbook Pro, some functions at the bottom of the city screen do not work (including options). Also the options button in the top right hand corner of the region screen does not work - so I cannot change the in game resolution there. I logged a call with Aspyr support about the issue. They seemed to think that if I ran the game in a window instead of full screen I might be able to change the resolution. I tried that but it would not run in a window, so I have followed up with Aspyr support. Edit: fn + F9 while in a city (not region view) brings up the graphics options so I was able to change the resolution there and then re-start the game and now it all works fine.
  2. Loks great. Very realistic suburbs. How much of the region map have you used so far?
  3. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    It's the London Underground.
  4. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Good map, emgmod. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. Is it based on Washington DC's metro?
  5. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    Here is a concept plan for a proposed interchange in one of my cities. Buildings are not shown but the interchange's complexity is due to space constraints created by buildings.
  6. Here is a roundabout from Melbourne, Australia at the point where Peel Street, Elizabeth Street and Flemington Road meet. Trams also cross the roundabout at five points. The crossings are marked in a reddish brown colour. The trams have right of way and signals flash when a tram approaches. I think the roundabout is called Haymarket Circus officially but not many people in Melbourne are aware of that.
  7. Dornelles River

    very realistic
  8. Digby - East Coast Region

    This is great news for the people of Hanley. However, I am concerned about the national security implications of showing such detailed pictures of the naval base... Does the Sim Nation Office of Border Security (S.N.O.B.S.) know about this?
  9. Rascal Strait

    Am looking forward to bridging that river. Terrain is also flat; perfect place to build a metropolis, with river access for a port facility.