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  1. Next Sim City Game?

    I'm not saying EA is the problem, but EA is the problem.
  2. Next Sim City Game?

    Yeah, I just found it. An article on Kotaku said the same thing but that the Maxis brand will carry on but that the "Maxis" people knew is no more. Who knows, maybe another company will buy the rights to Sim City and revive it (wishful thinking). I doubt it but there is always hope. Otherwise ill just continue to enjoy Sim City 4 with awesome sauce mods.
  3. Next Sim City Game?

    Was it the team that was scrapped or the entire Company. I just checked Wikipedia and it said "Maxis' Emeryville studio was closed in March 2015, consolidating development of Maxis titles to EA's main studio locations, where development of The Sims and SimCity will continue. Employees of the Emeryville studio were offered other positions within Maxis and other EA studios." I had no idea there was there multiple Maxis studios. This wasn't the main studio was it, or was it just another studio under the Maxis brand? (Its confusing).
  4. Next Sim City Game?

    So after the horrible launch and train wreck that was Sim City 2013, is there any chance we will get another Sim City game? Or is this the last nail in the coffin before its buried and forgotten? I wanna believe we will get a true successor to Sim City 4 but my hopes are still pretty low. I know alot of the die hard fans wanted a true simulator (myself included) and really wanted it more complex, but a game that is aimed at one demograph really doesn't bring in the money like it would a wide demograph. So whats your opinions on this? Do you believe we will get another Sim City game or is this the end for Maxis and Sim City?
  5. Region - Europe West 3

    Ok I sent you a request, you should be getting it. Save me a spot will ya.
  6. Region - Europe West 3

    Yes im positive. Whats your Origin ID? Ill add you.
  7. Region - Europe West 3

    Id definitely like to join! Origin ID-Booker_Dew1tt
  8. Disasters in SimCity (2013)

    Actually, that would be badass, if they added "Zombie Apocalypse" as a disaster.
  9. Core i7 overclocked to 4.2 ghz (water cooled) 16 gigs Ram 120 SSD 10,000 RPM 1TB hard drive 2X Nvidia GTX 570's in SLI
  10. Simtropolis will be at Maxis, Oct 8-9!

    Terraforming, why was it cut? City tile sizes, why are their no small medium AND large instead of just medium and small?
  11. EA is chasing after nickels and dimes by trying to appeal to the 'social gamer' sect - despite the fact that most companies in that area are foundering. Zynga (of FarmVille notoriety) stock has fallen from nearly $15/share to less than $2/share over the past few months, and the company is expected to enter bankruptcy before Thanksgiving. Much like the Dot-Com Bubble, the Social Gaming Bubble was generated almost exclusively on hype (as opposed to substance) and has burst. This FaceBook City crap EA is trying to foist on us is akin to betting on a dead horse that's already in the rendering chute. Worse still is the simple undeniable fact that successful games create legacies, and legacies define what the public expects from any further releases in a series. Hulk doesn't use a shield, Iron Man doesn't turn green and yell 'TONY SMASH!', Thor doesn't wear power armor, and Captain America doesn't wield a legendary hammer. If Marvel tried any of these, they'd get crucified. The people who have the money to sink $60, $80, or even $100 into a single-title game want Sim City - not FaceBook City. Sim City fans have waited through ten long years of abandonment for Maxis to release a new Sim City (one which is a worthy successor to Sim City 4), enduring disappointment after disappointment like Sim City Societies, Cities XL, and similar flops. Civilization (which actually owes its very existence to Sim City) is a good example EA should study: While the game CAN be played online/multiplayer (as well as serving as a direct promotion for DLC) it remains at its core the same offline, single-player game which made the series so popular. Rather than heed the cries of the fans they're counting on selling to, EA has clearly decided to take a massive dump on them and the game by trying to reinvent the wheel (which never works). They insist on adding features that few (if any) Sim City fans want while stripping away features that most (if not all) Sim City fans have loved for decades. I'd buy TWO copies of Sim City 5 right now, even at $100 each, if EA/Maxis made one - but I refuse to even spend the time it would take to download on this online-only, cloud-only, stripped-down, dumbed-down, 'must pester everyone you know in order to accomplish anything' piece of dung they're polluting the Sim City name with.
  12. Question Refering to the multiplayer of Simcity, we know there will be multiplayer lobbies, but have you guys thought of implementing an world wide region for online play? It is pretty much based off of Cities XL "Planet" mode where it was a planet with multiple users cities but instead of it being a planet it would be a custom region (or world) for everyone around the world to build their own city and share it with other users. Im fine with the multiplayer lobbies but the idea of adding that in (since I enjoyed it on Cities XL) would be just awesome. Thanks!
  13. Actually, I was hoping that the multiplayer would be the opposite of that. I was hoping it would use the same concept like Cities XL had with 1 massive world (region) with tons of people playing on it all at once and you could buy and sell resources, dump garbage, etc. I still hope thats what they go for.
  14. I know this has been asked a million times already. The only thing is ive noticed that EA has been still releasing SimCity games for Ipad/Ipod/Blackberry. Also it seems EA still owns the domain for SimCity5.com until 2012. (Before Societies came out)An EA representative stated that if SimCity Societies does not fare well with a large portion of the Sim City fan base, than a new, traditional Sim City title will be planned for the future. (2009 Interview) Shack: I was playing SimCity 4 last night. It's been a long time. When are we going to see SimCity 5? Lucy Bradshaw: You know what, honestly, the Sims division owns the SimCity franchise. I did SimCity 4 with the team, and honestly, I love SimCity. It's my favorite game ever. It's what got me into gaming, and I want to see that franchise do well. Shack: So... would you say that EA is committed to the franchise? Lucy Bradshaw: Oh, absolutely. In fact, there's a new SimCity version that's out for the iPhone. Shack: Yeah. It's pretty good. Lucy Bradshaw: Yeah, and there's lots of different directions... I think, you know, Maxis games have traditionally been something that allows you to take a lot of different avenues and different directions. It's about, where would we reinterpret [simCity]. When that comes to the fore, and that passion's in the right place, all of a sudden we'll be able to take advantage of it. It sounds like she avoided his first question by not directly answering if we will see a SimCity 5 so there might be a hint. I know the chances are low but is there still a slim chance we will get a SimCity 5?