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  1. (San Fernando Valley) North Hollywood

    WOW!!  THAT'S MY CITY!!!  You did an incredible job, your downtown is perfect. I work there and you nailed it!  The only thing missing is maybe Parker Center/City hall. Wish someone would make that LA icon. 
  2. Registration (SimCity.com) Solutions

    I myself have been trying to register my SC4 thru SC4 website after doing the online register when I installed it. I wanted to download a few things, but it keeps giving me the "you must be a registered user" message. I can't find a valid customer service e-mail or any contact number on the SC4.ea site. I got an account and it did update my game with no problems, but my CD key will not register thru thier site. I just gave up, it's not worth the stress and time to be acknowledged as a SC4 user by EA. I'm so glad that I googled and found Simtropolis site, it is so much better than EA with a lot more content then thier site. You'd think they could have fixed thier problem within the last 6 years. carottcake666
  3. Show us Your Oddities!

    Hi Robin9000 LOL Funny, I really haven't paid much attention to the citizens of SC. And no, I've never noticed that before, I've been so busy trying to get bigger buildings, I've never really watched any of the people much, except when they were rioting and fighting the police. I'm new to the game anyway. I'm going to start to observe them now, thanks for the observation. I have to admit that I might resemble a SC citizen. I live across the street from the Supermarket where I shop and I get into my car and drive the 30- 50 yards to the store. LOL I don't think that I'm as strange as much as I'm a little lazy. I think that the Sims that live in the highrise buildings must have underground parking like most of the highrise building I've seen. Carottcake666