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  1. Full screen on Windows 7

    In the link Dabyr provided, you're most likely going to be using the -customresolution and -r commands. You need to know what your native desktop resolution is in order to make these commands work, which you can find by right clicking on your desktop and clicking "screen resolution". My resolution is 2048x1152, and I want to run the game in 32-bit color, so I use these commands: [code] -customresolution:enabled -r2048x1152x32 [/code] -CPUcount:1 is also recommended, as it is known to increase performance and stability on muti-core systems. Hope this helps!
  2. New Strategy Video

    Here's some of my thoughts on the trailer and observations, with approximate timestamps. enjoy! 0:09 Watch the city money, Income per turn, population and demand values fluctuate as the timelapse goes by. zoning seems to have little to no effect on the money supply. Also, lots of nice HUD elements! http://i.imgur.com/WJrH4.jpg 0:21 Some buttons turn red, possibly indicating the need for new infrastructure in that category? (overburdened roads, no hospitals, need more power?) 0:37 Gambling HQ dialogue has a power button (turn off to save power/reduce crime w/out destroying?, cup icon which shows profitability vs friends, world or your other cities, upgrade button, and hammer/saw icon [destroy?]) 1:03 Upgrading a building does NOT stop time (?!) Blue number in the upper right corner of upgrade popup seems to indicate max number of that upgrade that can be placed on each building. Upgrades have upkeep costs, and add to population (or jobs maybe?) 1:18 Upgrades are built, and the clock does not stop, but cash on hand and cash per hour does not change. bug? plopped upgrades can be turned off separate from the casino itself http://i.imgur.com/F6mBv.jpg 1:26 HUD Buttons have changed again, some are now orange, others are red. I like my previous theory even better now. Street and building lights turn off when the power goes out, traffic lights appear to still function 1:35 Traffic seems to be glitching through the trams going into the depot, which are still running even with the power being out. hmm Massive traffic jam in this area 1:47 Transition to region view is light years faster than SC 4. Region appears to have money count separate from individual cities. (much higher, in this case) 2:03 At least (note the arrow in the right hand side, rail maybe?) six street types (two-lane, low density, four-lane medium density, four-lane high density, four-lane divided medium[?] density, six lane high-density, six-lane+tram high-density[density predictions based on sidewalks]). Certain types of roads can be upgraded (button on the far right) 4 high cannot. Next to region button, there are different road-laying modes, which polygon claim are "curvy, for smooth continuous arcs and 90 degree turns; simple straight roads; city block roads, which create rectangles that allow buildings to develop back to back against each other; and freehand or "wiggly" roads, which players draw freely across landscapes and is useful when creating switchback mountain paths or roads that hug coastlines." source road-laying guides can be turned on and off. http://i.imgur.com/IY9vQ.jpg 2:06 money seems to be a big issue here, as a section of road that supposedly costs §3,561 to build only subtracts 425 from the city coffers. All construction animations are gone, and streetlights and sidewalks are added, ever without nearby zones (unlike SC4) 2:13 Nuclear Power plant description says it requires "large amounts of water" and "educated sims", yet the only visible hindrance to building it in an empty city is a lack of money. hmm. has the mysterious people icon again, jobs maybe? educated workers? Nuclear costs §300/kW-h, Coal costs §60/kW-h 2:21 Coal power plant claims to cost §22,000, but after plopping, the treasury is reduced by §21,252 (§49,575-§28,323). Even after the plant is placed, the city income is still zero. Ploppable upgrades have no effect on money. 2:40 Highway interchange is visible, but outside the city limits, meaning the highway cant be edited. 2:42 Power is already flowing between the two cities on the map, without any neighbor deals being initiated. Game info confirms that the powers is being sold, and that there is a "72 MW" excess of power being generated. There are three stacks at the powerplant, each generating 24,000kW-h, for a total of 72,000kW-h being generated. overkill much? 2:50 I count ten city plots visible in the region, with two additional great works plots. Note that Stallion run claims it needs power even though earlier dialogue boxes claimed it was being sold. Whats the meaning of the shield icons, I wonder? 2:53 Power is now being exchanged, but there is no charge listed. 3:09 The origin overlay is terrible Photoshoped(the scaling is all wrong, and there is no user header http://i.imgur.com/XzP5J.jpg), and the mouse is being moved while he's typing. Really, maxis? Note that "DanMaxis" joins the region without ever being invited, lets hope that's Maxis being lazy replicating the overlay... 3:25 Multiple data layers available when the power menu is open, Power, pollution and radiation. 3:29-3:35 A taxi goes into the casino driveway, then turns around suddenly and goes the other way. Also, there are circles around every vehicle that passes under the mouse, probably to facilitate the follow-cam. we see later. graffiti on buildings due to high crime, a nice touch. 3:44 Two types of police stations, and 8 types of criminals on the data layer of varying degrees of urgency (apprehended low green, Embezzle[r] high orange, Shoplifter medium yellow, Mugg[er] high orange, Tax Eva[der] medium yellow, Arson red urgent, Robber[] high orange and Murder[er] urgent red.) Massive lack of tense agreement on the labels. 4:01 All traffic on the center road that goes from top to bottom of the view is making a u-turn at the topmost intersection. odd.. 4:18 Even though the crime rate is high in some areas, there are no successful crimes each day, according to the info panel. Also, bulldozing a building did not cost any money, neither did placing the police station., or any of the ploppables. The first ploppable, the "dispatch tower" makes police response time "instant!", while the helipad increases the vehicle speed to 60 mph. 4:28 At the top of the hour (3 AM) the city coffers depleted by §1277, even though the city income per hour has remained stable this entire time at +§2,274/hr. are ploppable costs spread out over time? 4:36 clicking on a vehicle, and then its item name sets the camera to follow the vehicle. neat! 4:51 this overlay seems to be fake too, as AGAIN, the mouse moves while typing. sigh... 5:00 4 disasters, maxis? really? Meteor shower, earthquake, random/unknown and tornado. Tornado pop-up has a typo (...as mayor you have full and compete accesss...). 5:14 Destruction effects are pretty weaksauce, but it's still in progress, right? destruction effect on the road where the meteor landed. The presence of fires in the city made Sim happiness go from max to minimum instantly. Fire trucks from miles away arrive instantly, and all try to respond the the same fire, one one truck arrives on scene,they all pathfind to the next closest one. The last firetruck gets lost. 5:47 The region population is "441", while the population of the focus city has stayed the same, at 1,025. Dan did expand the other city, to the point where there are skyscrapers and what appears to be a golf course around the coal powerplant (?!?!), but his city is significantly smaller than ours. completeley nosensical population report, unless there is a whole other region that is develops, AND the population scales differ between cities and regions. Also note that the complete mayor UI stays intact in region view. AAAAND Done! Phew! Final Thoughts: - The money system appears to be totally bonkers at the moment. If this game is coming out in march, maxis have a LOT of work to do. OR -ALL UI elements were faked/put in place for demonstration purposes. The region population number is wildly inconsistent. I see a population of zero the first time we're in region view at 1:53, 10,555 the seconds time at 2:55, and 411 the final time at 5:45 Inconsistencies, like the population, income and RCI demand never changing lead me to believe that this is the answer. please god, let this be the answer. -Regions are super small, and don't line up exactly, making high-density cites look incredibly dumb from the region view. Silly design decision by maxis. There's a lot of meat here, and the glassbox engine looks great, but I think the decision to have non-contiguous, smaller cities combined with the cartoony UI will off-put at LOT of hardcore simcity fans.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I understand completely how to get to properties. I have uploaded images to show you every option I see in my properties menu for the simcity shortcut. None of the paths are in a textbox that I can edit or add to. Click here for the album of images. That's the application itself, you need to make a shortcut to it in order to apply the cpucount trick. right click on the .exe, mouse over "send to" and then click "desktop". Right click on the shortcut that appears, click properties, and you should be good to go. It's not an origin thing, it's a Windows thing.