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  1. Missing a dependency

    downloading that texture worked, thankyou!
  2. Problem!, help please

    Originally posted by: joshriddle Try removing them all, and then put one in at a time, and test it, until you come across it. quote> it's faster to remove half of them, then remove half of the infect half and so on.
  3. http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=21595 I have both of the listed dependencies, yet the car park is see through. I can just see cars parked on the grass underneath. Does anyone know what's wrong?
  4. Concrete apartment 02

    what depencies do I need?
  5. Small place

    3/5 it's ok I guess and could be used but doesn't stand out in any way.
  6. Stagnant growth, what to do?

    Originally posted by: SC4BOY Originally posted by: irelandeb where can I read more about pop caps?quote> You might find this info helpfulquote> is there any lot I can download that adds, say, a couple of million on to each of those? thanks. And nonny moose, I will do that.
  7. Stagnant growth, what to do?

    where can I read more about pop caps? I have a city of 575,000 and I can't grow it any higher. The demand is in the negative for everything, but when I go to a neighbour connecting city the demand is right at the top for everything except dirty industry. I have hundreds of parks, and have built all the stadiums, zoos etc. Is there some way to remove them?
  8. I haven't played in a few years, so I can't remember if there was some trick to it or not. Any tips?
  9. Highway ReStyling Mod V03

    I just downloaded and put both files in the plugins folder, and now the highways look different, but they are still grey. How do I make them black?