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  1. I have this mod it works but the Problem is that the game has no sound i don't have any of the sound disable in the game or on the launcher and i have re installed both the game and the launcher.i dk what else to do can some one help me ? 
  2. Tourist Attraction DLC Preview on SimCity Brasil Facebook

    i have the game but i would not put any money in this game they need to fix the bug not making DLC for the stupid game
  3. 4-to-13 Plugin Converter

    i don't believe it. because it don't seem like it would work like that. 
  4. SimCity PR Nightmare Escalates

    My city is working fine with 18,000 Sims in it
  5. Steam

    Can you use mods on a steam Verson of sim city ?
  6. could Maya, Blender or hexagon be use to make buildings for sim city 2013 if so what file format and max number of polygons or verts
  7. i have a lap top and it has a AMD A8-4500m Quad Core with 1.90GHz with a AMD HD 7640g i have 6.00 Gb of ram on a windows 7 64bit op system and i play empire total war with the darth mod on it and it runs awsome plus i have lost of other game on my lap top that works fine.
  8. Preorder Cities XL 2012

    if u got it on steam u cant buy the DLC off of the Cities Xl website
  9. Elementary School w Portables

    i live in Ohio USA and my town Elementary School has the trailers and i think it's sad that they haven't built a new school and this bat looks cool
  10. SC4 expanison

    the one i found was Sim City Box
  11. i just download sim mars and it says sim mars was not closed properly last time and your plugins should be fix so i click ok and it says unable to fix simmars plug in path dosen't exist (c:\documents and settings\ user name\ my documents\simcity4\plugins_backups_simmars) pleas ensure that the plugins, regions, and music folder are not in use and i can play sim city 4 what do i do
  12. Synekism: A new City Builder, Developer Interview

    how do u get it to run in full screen it says full screen not yet working in dx 9