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  1. Modifying City Tiles in a region

    Originally posted by: Forty-Seven Actually the first time i tried this, I used MSPaint to edit the config file, and nothing happened at all. Furthermore i got the proper color by copy-pasting parts of config files that already existed... so it was not a color issue. Losing the terrain on just the part of the map i am editing would not be a horrible loss... but as i said... when i tried with MS paint, it did nothing at all... so even if it does mean erasing a portion of the map, how do i get it to recognize an edited config file? The issue with seeing the background appear and the entire region gone occurred when i used this program - http://members.shaw.ca/scracc/quote> Hi there, Thanks for sending me an email about this.. i haven't done anything with scracc in many years... as i'm sure you can tell So my memory is going to be rusty too.. If i understand the problem, you want to use an existing region, but have a new city layout? Am i correct about this? From what i can see, you changed the config file but not the region... the region is set up to use the config file as before... if you change the config file, then the city layouts are lost... and from what i remember, you can't just change the city layout... you have to import the region as a new region with the new config file set up... Hope this helps! I will watch this topic to see if i can be of further assistance
  2. Suburban Highspeed Rail Stop

    Hi... nice job! Is it possible you could also add (not only monorail), but elevated rail too?
  3. Calgary16

    Mapquest doesn't have the height information, so I would of had to re-create all the height manually.
  4. Calgary16

    Version 0


    This is the region of Calgary. A map, taken from mapquest, and converted into this region. My own program was used to re-render the overall terrain (resize, recolor, and so forth).