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  1. Question for all those ancient Maxians

    K, I got all...problem was administrator access...thanks, guys.
  2. Question for all those ancient Maxians

    Can't install it is the problem. It says that setup has detected that I have the wrong operating system.
  3. *blows dust off account* Does anybody remember the ancient ancient (1997?) Maxis game Marble Drop? And does anyone have any tips as to how I might be able to get it working on Vista?
  4. Simtropolis Nostalgia

    I remember the celebrations and the fancy mouse trails we had when we cracked ten thousand members. I remember the three word story about the turtles and Uncle Death. To this day I have never seen a three word story with a more coherent plot. I remember following Sculpting Columbia River from beginning to end. I remember an odd fellow who drove buses in London, his username isn't coming to me -- only because for some extremely strange reason, I have a three+ year old chat transcript, never published, lying about on my computer. Dost k! those were days indeed, long gone days, ne'er to return...
  5. Wow...I poke my nose back in after more than year's absence and the community's gone to pot, eh! It's just like what happened between SimCityCentral and Pegasus only on a far grander scale! Since I don't have any attachment to the SimCity community anymore, I must say that I find it all very humorous. Ah well, it's what they say about living on Earth. You have to establish other places where people can be to increase the likelihood of humanity, or in this case, SimCity 4, surviving. So folks, be like that, one of you on Earth and the other out in the stars, never cross each other's paths, continue to grow divergent, and you'll all get along just fine! God bless all of you, both sites included. I don't want to bother to register on another site now so I hope people from SC4D see this. Take care!
  6. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Originally posted by: IGGYMAN 101 Somy is my best provider of Custom content in SimCity 4 Japanese Massive Giangatic BAT.quote> WinRAR is shareware and illegal if you have it on your computer for more than a month. 7-Zip, at www.7-zip.org, is a freeware opener of .lzh files.
  7. Most Powerful Quote

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. -- John 3:16
  8. The US's most pathetic highways

    I lived in Pennsylvania for several years, near the border with Delaware. You could tell when you crossed into Delaware because the roads got better! I have been down I-97 a couple of times...it's not so bad as you think. It's very short, to be sure, but fairly important for that section of MD. I-70, as I recall, has a stoplight in Breezewood. That is pathetic. And the evil Barbara Mikulski is responsible for any and all traffic jams you encounter in Baltimore, for the moronic nixing of a plan to unite I-95, I-83, and I-70. They all go within one mile of each other but they don't connect. You have to use the Baltimore beltway to get from one to the next. Totally pathetic.
  9. Nexis of Genesis

    Masterfully done sir!
  10. Nexis of Genesis

    I would hate to park near those beaches.
  11. SMP Teal Water Mod

    Hey SimTropia, As SimTropolis's former official Water Modder I have to say "great job!" You seem to have done excellently and picked a nice color. Keep up the good work, and thanks for taking up the mantle, so to speak. Great work!
  12. Nexis of Genesis

    Glad to see it's still going. Keep up the good work.
  13. The SimTropolis House of Worship

    A couple of years ago my pastor preached a very interesting sermon on the Prodigal Son...actually, he titled it "The Prodigal Sons".
  14. The SimTropolis House of Worship

    The Catholics in the Middle Ages (I don't know how they behave now) saw women as inferior creatures whose sole duty was to give pleasure and children to their husbands. It was - surprise? - Luther, Calvin, and the Puritans who found in the Bible the principles of the essential equality of men and women. The man is, in fact, the head of the woman, even as Christ is the head of mankind, but we are all saved equally, created equally, under the law equally. It's a touchy subject because most people won't see eye to eye with us on some parts of the issue, but I understand Calvin wrote some very good things about the subject, and several more recent authors. I'll see if I can't dig anybody up.
  15. New Anfield Stadium AKA Stanley Park

    A most excellent work!