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  1. Can't find residential building

    Do I have a different version of the lot editor or something? The only button in the "Building" tab is called "add family". I can't find any "Replace item". Checking the LotEditor.exe properties, it says "File version". Is this the current version? Update: It surely was the wrong version! There was a zip file called "lot editor for BAT" that got installed with the installer I used. The exe in that was version, which made the difference. I dug up the files on my old harddrive and I'm not even sure when they were downloaded. Way back anyway. I guess the "for BAT" editor is standard issue now days? Anyway, topic solved!
  2. Can't find residential building

    I've dragged my building to the "Residential - ($) Low wealth" category in the PM, and I can see the new SC4desc file in the plugin folder. I've opened several different R$ lots in the LE but I can't find it anywhere in the list. Is it suppose to show up as a single building in the "Choose building family" monologue, or is another building button option suppose to appear? I've tried this with my own model aswell as the example model "Modest little house", but none will show up without assigning the buidling family! Maybe it's an operating system issue? I'm using W7, and I've noticed that the SimCity 4 folder is located on my user document folder rather than the public document folder. Is SC4 suppose to be installed with XP compatibility to get the registry structure right?
  3. I seem to be missing something obvious here, because I can't find any information about it. I tried following a few tutorials, and they all seem to leave out the building family option in the Plugin Manager. I think I read somewhere that you don't need to apply a family to make it show either, but it won't show in the Lot Editor unless I add my building to some family, which I don't want to. Can I import my residential building to the Lot Editor as a stand alone building? If so, what am I missing here? My "building" is a mere 3x7m in size and won't show up in the Lot Editor even when the lot is 6x6 tiles. I've managed to make a prop out of it, and it works fine, if that makes any difference. If I can't import it as a stand alone, can I make a custom building family without too much effort?