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  1. fun screen shots

    Ever seen fireworks this big? Or how about this big? (The cloud you see is all the fireworks exploding) Here's something different, the face of this mounatin is nearly vertical and these animals were half falling and half running down the mountain when I put them in the game: Here is the world's biggest volcano: Here you can see it from a distance: And finally here I've reached the max elevation: Watch that first step...
  2. fun screen shots

    You have to add water contrainsts on one end and land constraints on the other. To make it easier to build I just used the beach and deleted all the props and everything. Then I put in Pedriana as a prop, and put it in the game by clicking on landmarks. For some reason the constraints are 4 times bigger in the beach, and so it builds easier.
  3. fun screen shots

    How about this? It looks like new pharmaceutical development for fish.