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  1. On Props

    Ah, this is what I needed to know and thank you. I thought that Props were ploppable things in the game, but you have shown me otherwise. This will take some reading before I decide to tackle it. Thanks so much for your help and the links!
  2. On Props

    Hi everyone. I have been playing Sim City for quite some time (I've had SC4 since it first came out, and every SC game before that) but I am relatively new to the realistic city building scene. You have likely seen other question topics of mine involving neighborhood building, suburbs, etc. Today I'm asking for help regarding Props. My cities sprawls are very realistic now, however the content of these sprawls is still very lacking. The house lots are all flat and uninteresting- down-towns unusually empty and without noise. What I;m hoping is that one of you advanced players out there might be able to help me with how to properly use props. Whenever I look at the prop packs I am very intimidated, and I think I just need a bit of a walk through. If you could suggest your favorite prop packs, show some examples of your areas where they are utilized, and share some general tips and tricks that'd be great! I look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    I am fairly new at this- stll looking for some good european building mods but here is what I have so far:
  4. Getting Started

    Ok, so I have read a few topics and started a more natural looking ity and so far I am fairly pleased. Here is my beginning of my brand new model city of Leurin:
  5. Getting Started

    Hi Cobhris96, I have been playing the game for years. Ive filled many regions to breaking point, but I have always been left unhappy because of the little asthetic value the cities have. They all end up being checkerboard, flat layouts that never inspire me- thats why I'm asking for help. Thanks for the suggestion though, Ill keep playing around.
  6. Getting Started

    Thank you both for your tips and help. I will make sure to download the mods that ROFLyoshi suggested, and also test them out and play with them as EyeofMobius suggested. Does anyone else have any mods or tips they wish to share? Even pointing me towards a specific thread with good information?
  7. Hello everyone. I am only just getting started with playing Cim City 4 as more of a hobby than a standard video game. Seeing the beautiful cities and layouts on this website inspire me in many ways. I have tried making realistic, beautiful cities before but they always ended up feeling flat and lifeless- nothing like the cities I see on this website. So I have two requests for you all: 1) What mods do you feel are ESSENTIAL in creating realistic, beautiful cities in Sim City 4. I already have the NAM pack for better pathfinding, but what I need are full texture packs/ploppables/addons that will help me make my city something special. 2) I am simply requesting some tips and general help. I will be checking out various forums for detailed tutorials; but do any of you have specific places you want to point me towards, or specific hints and tricks to get me on my way? I appreciate all of your help and thank you in advance. I look forward to sharing my creations with you in the near future. Fellow City Designer: Bradley
  8. Hi there. Whenever I download a map from this website the grayscale image is a details.cfm file. I read earlier that rendering this file requires the sc4 mapper but I have no idea what that is or how to use it. Any help?