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  1. Lanzarote

    The idea is great, islands rock, but unfortunatly nobody makes them. Try getting some maps and converting them to grayscale, you are doing great, just need more detail.
  2. FFTrain Depot

    Great idea, always thought Simcity lacked these. When I say "these" I mean depots for trains, trams, buses etc
  3. DEDWD IHT Pharmaceuticals

    Three thumbs up....eerm wait I have only two...anywho, Great work! We need more industrials building, keep up the good work.
  4. The 2nd World of a cat

    It looks good, but it is kind of hard to build on, I'll give it an 8.
  5. Redhawk River

    A very good map, It got me back to SC4 after a very loooong while, I am thinking of starting a CJ after I have the first results. Ar7