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  1. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    I have a question, I have been hard at work making sure my update is at the quality I want it to be and wanted your opinions. Please answer if you can. What is your favorite image so far? What are generally your favorite things to see in CJ's? What should I improve in my CJ? Anything Else?
  2. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    REPLIES! Benedict: Great to see you, thanks for the comment! Leech: Thanks for dropping by, I'm glad you liked them. Please come again soon! Malibu: I wouldn't say bangin' lol, but thanks. You definantly have the talent to create what you want to, it just takes alot of time and effort. The mosaic was my favorite thing so far also. Thanks for the input, I am going to use it. If I ignored my commenters, what kind of CJ host would I be? Thanks for dropping in, I would love to see your face, er avatar again! Algis: Hey, welcome to Aurora Valley. The comment is appreciated, come back and see us again some time. Archean: Good to see you friend, Amethyst is pretty isn't it? I meant the stone btw lol. The train goes through the forest, it's a pretty forested area. If trains don't do that, my bad lol. Happy new years, see you soon! Sim B: Thanks, I wouldn't call it a new years card, but I'm flattered. See you soon, whether that be here or in Belleville Kakado: Hell yes, indeed. Next Update In a day or two.
  3. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    I was working on the main city, and I decided to give you guys a New Years treat... I made this weird collage that may look bad, but it is just a tease that contains four pictures from the main city that I you I will slowly work up to showing you over the next month or two. Happy New Year.
  4. Nyhaven: Views From Within (AIN)

    I love the effects on your pictures and the aspects of the pictures, very nice. 10/10
  5. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    Update 4: Amethyst Pass Final Update and Mosaic Overview. This is the last update to feature Amethyst Pass for a little while. Although it's been under some more growth and it will soon need some roads. These are just some of my favorite pictures of the ones I haven't posted. There is also a mosaic overview. I haven't decided whether or not to feature the main city or a suburb next... A small neighborhood that developed. Amethyst K12 School, recently built in the small neighborhood that has been growing. One of my favorite areas is this intersection. A main part of the town, this intersection leads out of the area, or to the train station, or to the center of Amethyst Pass. The small passenger station at the south side of town, and two historic small shops. That's all for today, Y'all. Drop a comment if you want. As always, Thanks for viewing. - Lacey.
  6. Ben's Top Ten +10

    My journal only lasted a month or two in this year, So I am very pleased with 19. This is going in my sig...
  7. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    REPLIES! Aaron: Then why don't you make a town? Btw, I love your avatar, it's adorable. Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you again soon. Sim B: I hope you don't mind me abbreviating, I've been doing it for a while now. Thanks for the comment, actually I believe a truck was in the process of doing the vanishing thing they often do. Come back real soon! Mentalist: Thanks for visiting Aurora Valley. I'm glad you really like it, I really like that you really like it lol. ___________________________ Next Update Coming Before New Years! In the meantime, feel free to continue to comment. You know you want to....
  8. Ben's Top Ten +10

    In the chat, Blue lightning had a great idea. Why not have two seperate lists for each section? I like that idea. If you were to combine the two, it would kill the old CJ section because it gets less views and comments and thus defeat the purpose of combining anyway. It's on two very different levels and would kill the fun for this section. I don't know how it would figure if people posted their journal in both sections but that also doesn't seem quite fair to those of us who prefer just the old CJ section.
  9. Ben's Top Ten +10

    My CJ went number one, does that mean it's on this list somehow? Doubt it, but now I have hope.
  10. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    Update 3: Amethyst Pass Part Two. This is the second of three updates featuring Amethyst Pass. Cows are a huge industry in Aurora Valley. In Amethyst Pass, dairy farms make up nearly 25% of all total farms. Did I mention cows? You can also see the mayor's house, one of the only high wealth houses to be find for miles. The country roads are generally filled with truckers, doing their jobs, trying to get home. The community is very religious. Many spend their sunday's here. Lastly, I leave you with this picture. Recently, three small high tech buildings were built near the train station. Maybe a sign that there are more high wealth sims moving to Amethyst Pass? ______________________________________________ That's all for today, Kids. Drop a comment if you want, Troll's welcomed. As always, Thanks for viewing. - Lacey.
  11. Ben's Top Ten +10

    Ugh, 12 Yes's and 9 No's >.
  12. Ben's Top Ten +10

    Interesting, too bad I didn't doo much with CJ's for 2010 I predict the #1 spot to go to Schulmania.
  13. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    Replies! Roger: I'm happy I could give you a nostalgic feeling, I hope that's the word I'm looking for atleast. Please visit again soon! Archean: Thanks, I think the Flora is what really makes it shine, but is the most tedius work. I now know that it's worth it. Thanks for visiting, I hope you have fun in disneyland. Avrelivs: Thanks, I'm glad you feel that way. Come again soon and say hi, pretty please Mulege: Thanks, I enjoyed talking to you in the chat. I hope to see you either there or here soon! Sim B: Thanks, this journal takes me hours and hours longer to get these results. I also hope to see you real soon Tom: Thanks, I will! Cacks: Another person from that chat, yay! Thanks for the comment, it's appreciated. Come again! Malibu: Thanks for such a sweet comment, you're going to make me blush. I'll be holding you to your word Schulmanator: Thanks for visiting, I'm glad you like Aurora Valley. Come back and visit some time. _______________________ Next update will be posted anywhere from today to Wednesday night. PLEASE VOTE NO IN THIS POLL! http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=36&threadid=112515&enterthread=y&STARTPAGE=1
  14. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    Update 2: Amethyst Pass Part 1. Today's update will be featuring one of the larger farming towns in the region. Amethyst Pass is one of the oldest towns in Aurora Valley, it has had graudual growth but has managed to keep it's rural feel and stay a farm community although being a town of nearly 1,700. Amethyst Pass is near Amethyst River, where many struck rich in the late 1800's finding rare gems such as amethyst. While there miners and their families would spend hours and hours digging in or around the river. They set up temporary living situtions while there. However, After all the gems were gone, many stayed and colonized this town. Appropriately named, Amethyst. Amethyst was later named Amethyst pass due to it being the main freight and Passenger stop before crossing the river to get to the more urban Aurora. ____________________________________ Above is the aformentioned Freight Station. There are many of family farms in the town, nearly 80% of the used land is farm land. However, due to property disputes of the past decades, fences were built by the town council to end the disputes. You can now see fences around nearly ever farm in the area. More farms, this particular one is one of about a dozen that leads to the river, which is surrounded by some forestry. Due to the location of the valley, there is alot of wind. Wind power is the main form of power for the area. In the last 20 years, Amethyst Pass has had a growing residential population for families who want a quiet life. Many of them choose to commute to nearby suburban Aurora Point. ___________________________ That's all for today, Kids. Drop a comment if you want, Troll's welcomed. As always, Thanks for viewing. - Lacey.
  15. Aurora Valley - A Couple Of Questions!

    Replies: DCMetro: Thanks, I mean it. I hope you had a great holiday ^.^ The Duke: Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a great holiday also. Jiggawats: I hope your Chrischaunakramadankwanzahmas was as good as mine. ClarkJordan: Thanks for viewing, come back soon! The New Teddy: I love how the chat brings people together Terring: I should name a town after you... Thanks for stopping by!!! Sim B. : Thanks, I'll try not to let you down.