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  1. Armor pack

  2. Armor pack

  3. Hello DolphinFox,

    I've seen your vehicles, they're really good! Could you model the HMS Hood Battlecruiser? It would be great to have such a mighty vessel with a modeling quality like yours.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Your vehicles are perfect for me! I've been searching for tanks and support trucks for a military country. Thanks!

  5. Hello DolphinFox

    You can try marina boats?

    Example:GTA:SA model

  6. SNM Factory for Tanks and Vehicles

    Can make textures 256 on 256?
  7. Naval pack

    Version V3.1


    New version ships pack. Renamed to Naval pack. Addided: DD Fletcher and CA Nortgampton.
  8. Tank ammo

    Help me to find a file which is responsible for quantity of cartridges in the tank. I simply wanted to increase quantity of cartridges in tanks.
  9. Armor pack

    Version V9.3


    New version armor pack. Addided: Leopard 2AE, Challenger 2, ISU-152, SU-100. Models challenger 2 and leopard 2AE by Nirrti. Updated: New model Pz-6 Tiger. Updated: addied T-35B Kharkov
  10. Ships pack

    Version V 2.0


    New version Ships pack. The battle ship Southern Dakota is added. Problems with a battle ship Iowa are corrected Now the ships swim on water area of your city. Any enemy won't dare now to attack your cities! P.S. The one who asked to make tanks SU-85, SU-100 and ISU-152, I will make during close time. Simply I study and at me now practice.
  11. Ships pack

    Into the account of a battle ship Iowa, I will alter it because it looks as if it have shot. I will shortly let out the new version.
  12. Ships pack

    Xyloxadoria, I am simple not разбираля in modeling and had no necessary programs, here on it and asked. But at once, I have begun to study 3d max and program Reader for reading of files .Dat. Here so has gradually learned to do models. As to qualitative models and quantity of ranges - I just learn to do low polygonal models
  13. Ships pack

    By the way, it is that ship which I have laid out couple of months back and asked it to process and add in game.
  14. Ships pack

    Version V1.3


    First version or large driveable ships. Addied: USS Iowa 1944 , USS WASP, Battleship in C&C Generals (Two versions). Updated: Corrected model of Iowa and added turrets