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  1. Neighborhood Deal Mod

    As far as I know, there is no such mod, though it would be nice to have if it exists. If it doesn't exist, perhaps because the data you need to mod is hardcoded (and thus illigal). I don't know if it is hardcoded, however. What I do know is that if somebody knows more about this, he could post whether or not this mod exists, or if the data is hardcoded or not.
  2. Show us your Roundabouts & Intersections

    The extra lane in the middle is quite epic! It's a bit off that the cars can't drive on that extra lane, though, but the eyecandy that it could handle more traffic is already good enough. I like the motorway and the diagonal avenue too!
  3. Freiburg im Breisgau

    A mostly flat terrain that will be splendid for city-building. Nice map tesk85!
  4. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Please delete a few comments, weather12, as you posted 8 exacly the same comments.
  5. Is there a way to edit the image of a landmark?

    Well, I had the same thing with a building, of which the model file was included in Sim Mars (Beta 2). It was a reward lot, and it was a high rise building that is called the Prepo Inn. It had this ugly "underground park" next to it, which didn't allign with any road, yet it came along with the building (as it came from the same model). So, one story short, I have the same thing as you, randomuser2349. To answer your question as far I know, the model file is, in what I see when I open such file with Ilive's Reader, a collection of so called ".fsh files". I know, it doesn't answer your question, but if someone could explain how (if even possible) to change such file, he could help you (and me, for that matter) with changing the appearance of the building.
  6. Show us your... Nature!

    Thank you for the link for the sand textures, Daan300! I now can remove the coastal mod ImVhOzzi linked, so I can also have the standart Columbus Terrain Mod beaches in areas I don't need coastal development.
  7. UDI Help

    I second the post of Nonny Moose. In my experience, UDI is lagging as hell, so even if I want to slow down, it responds way too late and I crash anyway. The Missions don't give that much money, and if I need money I use cheats. Also, the UDI doesn't work for the Underground (because that is a network that isn't UDI-enabled), and the way you can drive isn't realistic (trains that slow down as fast as cars can, cars that drive just as fast in a street than on a highway). I don't like UDI, and it's not just the lag.
  8. Help with City Planning

    First, A huge city needs a good transportation system. You can do this with laying all kinds of networks, and connecting them with neighbouring cities. You will also need the NAM, and a few additional downloads of the NAM (like the NWM, the RHW, and the SAM) could come to good use. Second, you could download the mod skyscaper241 linked. However, I recommend the CAM (you need a LEX account to download). It increases the amount of "growth stages", giving you a more natural city development. Also, it sets different values for the demand, and in the end you have more residents in your city then you could without the CAM. A lot of buildings on the LEX are made for the CAM, so if the CAM is what you want, you can download more buildings there on the LEX.
  9. Textures of the Garbage Truck not showing up correctly has nothing to do with the NAM, it is the truck itself. Did you download a reskin of the garbage truck? If so, maybe you should give the name of the upload (or even better, create a link to it).
  10. As Nonny Moose just stated, the lots could clean all polution and bug when you delete them, so this doesn't need to be a lot that produces all that polution in the first place. This happend to me once, but it was in an unimportant industrial sector where I was far for done building High-Tech. The only thing I thought I could do was to place a few of polution eaters back (the one I deleted earlier, that caused this problem). Luckily, that "solved" my problem, but I just had to keep them in the city, or it would rise up again. That was in an old region, which is deleted long ago. However, I should keep the method JeeKTan pointed out in my mind, for whenever I find another polution eater catching dust in my plugin folder. Just try to find out which lot is causing all this, and try JeeKTan's method, as I think that should solve it. Also, if you need another polution reducer, here is one from the LEX. You need a LEX account to download it, and I use that one in my cities, because this one doesn't cause polution to kill your city after you delete it.
  11. The problem is what both Moose and selles just said. Tell us your current resolution, and enter and save the cities in a different resolution and see if your problem is solved. Also, what terrain mod are you using? It's greener then Vanilla, but a different green then the Columbus Terrain Mod.
  12. Rail problems after installing NAM

    What he means with: "check the right side/left side drive that the game uses", he means that you, when you install the NAM files in your plugins, you select the correct drivingside, namely the drivingside your game has. If your game is a Japanese version and you installed the game in Japanese, sims drive on the left side of the road. This is also the case when you have the European version of the game and installed the game in English. In any other language (including English when you have the American version of the game) the sims will drive on the right side of the road. Thus, depending on what language you installed the game (for English it also depends on the region), your sims will drive either left or right. So, when you start the game (with or without the NAM), check on which side of the road (or rail for that matter) the sims travel. Left or Right? Check this ingame, and you will know the drivingside. Whatever side your sims drive on, you have to install the NAM with the drivingside your game has. To see if you have the correct drivingside installed, you could one of the following things: 1: You could check the folders with the NAM files, and see if there are any files present in the folder with "LEFT HANDED" in the name of one of the files. If your sims drive left, there should be such files, and if your sims drive right there shouldn't be any of those files. 2: You could remove all NAM files from your plugin folder, reinstall the NAM (and select the correct drivingside!), start the game, and check if your problem is solved.
  13. SimcityLocale.dat

    I would like to tell you how I've done it. What I've done, was simply renaming "UKEnglsh" to "Russian", and put the settings with registry editor so, that it would read the Simcitylocale.dat file in that folder. Why would I want my game to read Russian? In the tutorial is said that the translations for Greek, Czech, Hebrew and Russian weren't complete when the game released. So, the only .dat file I could use, was the english one, so I still had the english language for the game. Why not simply renaming the "UKEnglsh" folder to "English"? Simply because I didn't like the clock (The hour, followed by am or pm, instead of a digital clock) and the date (Month/Day/Year instead of Day/Month/Year) shown when I renamed the folder to "English". With the file in the "Russian" folder, I got everyone driving right, aswell as the clock and the date as I prefer it. You might take a look at the below link "Changing the Language and Driving Side" . Here you could find a few hexadecimal numbers for each language, including the four languages that weren't finished, if you would like to try out what I did.
  14. Plopable water

    I use the pond and stream sets from Diggis from the LEX: Link, Link, Link, and Link.
  15. Tram-in-Avenue underpass HSR

    The underpass would look quite silly if an elevated HSR is build, but surely would be a great addition if the HSR is build on the ground. In any way, the tunnel you made looks realistic!