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  1. In general, do you always leave the speed on normal or do you play of fast forward or super fast forward? And when do you use the other speeds and what not? Thanks
  2. Anybody else?

    Thank you so much! I just did that. Now, just two more questions. Is there anywhere else that has a mod that reminds you to save games? And also, I think I am playing on a wide-screen laptop because my SC4 screen is so small and leaves a lot of black space on the edges. Any way to fix that also?
  3. Anybody else?

    Thanks for the useful mod! But what are you telling me to do about the processor thingy? Im I supposed to add the last part? And my computer is in French. edit: also just realized that there is an error with the LEX registration that wont let me login (tells me my account is already logged, when I just created it and its not). Bummer.
  4. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    I can't believe this thread is still here! Awesome
  5. Anybody else?

    I have download version 1.1641.002 from Gamestop. Is that the latest version? And also says my computer processor has dual core. How do I make it run on only one? And wont that slow that the game? Thanks!
  6. Anybody else?

    Wow.... I just spent 2 hours playing this game and then it CRASHES. Nothing saved............ Sucks
  7. Anybody else?

    Hey brother. Glad to see you still here.
  8. Anybody else?

    Hey everyone, well I'm not exactly a new member. I registered here at Simtropolis around 2002 or 2003 I believe so very soon should mark the 10 year anniversary of my membership. I was wondering if anybody else is still here from those very early days? If not, nice to meet you all! And so glad this site is still running.
  9. Where I can download SC4 ?

    Since I don`t live in the U.S. I couldnt download the game from Amazon or some other sites, so I downloaded mine from GameStop digital download yesterday. Enjoy!
  10. Do I need to download patch and/or plugins?

    How do I do that? I`m right clicking the .exe file and checking properties but dont see anything. It has a SkuData folder and inside has a Sku1_US folder that contains Plugin_002_TheLivingMall.dat And I guess I was asking, that even with the fully patched SC4 Deluxe edition, do I still need to install NAM to correct transportation issues or are they already fixed with the official patches? Thanks
  11. I just downloaded version 1.1641.02 Sim City 4 Deluxe off GameStop digital store. So a few questions: 1) since it is a digital copy, can I even install plugins, patches, and maps like normal? 2) since I havent played in so long, and im playing version 1.1641.02, do I still need to download any official patches or any unofficial plugins such as the one on this site that fixed the transportation bug and made the transportation more efficient? Please, let me know. Nice to see this site is still running. Thanks
  12. wow

    I was having problems finding the config file but I realized all I had to do was right-click the image in the first window and save that one.Thanks.
  13. wow

    Good. Can anyone reach me on AIM? xx2LeGiT2qUiT I'm having a hard time trying to download a map. Thank you.
  14. wow

    I haven't been in here forever! I can't believe it's still the same old forum, same old website... I just bought Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition (for about the third time) because I want to start playing again. I might visit the forum from time to time from now on.
  15. Show us Your Most Scenic Areas!

    How come you guys SC4 looks more colorful?