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  1. fun screen shots

  2. New Rowhouses

    they look great!
  3. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Duke, its ToonXP, im guessing it gives a cartoon feel to windows, not just a desktop image
  4. Door Collection 2

    i understand, dont worry, i'll do that in future, lol
  5. Door Collection 2

    erm, what?!?!!
  6. Door Collection 2

    Version 0


    A Few more doors i put together for you guys (you rule! lol) also i jammed in a few textures i found useful
  7. Window Collection 2

    Vlakhaas, ive updated the door's they come with textures now, you'll have to download again
  8. Window Collection 2

    Version 0


    another 4 windows i made in the BAT, use as you please, included is the textures.
  9. Post Your Picture Here!

    Here's a recent picture of me, i've blacked out a few alchoholic beverages, just for Aronion lol
  10. School Bus Stops

    i like it! its ver uniqe, could of made the lots a bit more erm, i dunno, differentish?
  11. DPMO Bus Stop

    thats fantastic, really realistic
  12. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Here's my latest desktop <---image deleted for exceeding size limits ---> Its actually a tribute to one of they're best songs, i found it on they're tribute site, quite a coincidence
  13. JAMiUss Door Collection

    oh, okay i'll add the textures in a bit
  14. JAMiUss Door Collection

    Version 2


    Just Like my window collection, this Zip file contains 4 doors which you can use as you please, they're already textured, and dont hold a lot of detail.
  15. JAMiUss Window Collection

    i can do a few doors if you want