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  1. I apologize if someone is able to point me to a post that discusses this, but I've searched and haven't found anything that satisfies my curiosity. Elevated Rail: I LOVE Elevated rail, I don't know why. I just like to build them. I'm looking for a station that can house more than just 1 or 2 lines of elevated rail. I've searched STEX but have had no luck. Anybody able to point me in the direction of one that i can use. I'd really like a station that I can connect like 4 lines to. (Using NAM on Vista64) Subway: If I layout a subway line like this ------------------------------> will the subway automatically turn itself around and go the opposite direction at the end of the line, or do I need to make the end of the line loop? I like to have subway lines that are more realistic. Also is there anyway to specify which way a subway travels? For example if I have a transfer station where 2 lines meet, can I specify that a subway A should go left and subway B should go right? Highway: So by researching I learned that I can lay the maxis elevated highway then lay an elevated rail on one side so it splits the highway, giving me lanes going east, an elevated rail, then lanes going west. However ... HOW DO I reconnect those separate direction back to the maxis highway at some point? Am I just really over thinking all of this? Has anyone else wondered any of this also?? Thanks guys!
  2. Modern SubwayBus Station

    looks good, can't wait to try!