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  1. Downtown

       just freehand, i might base a few things on the real city but who knows. I'm more interested in mass planing then anything else. the football stadium is hornet stadium, i think it looks good as a city highschool scale stadium.  
  2. Along the river

    There is a cluster of art deco right after a set of row houses along the river. across the way is more blue collar next up new olympic park
  3. Downtown

     thanks DC will do. Zulu it's the in game field.
  4. Downtown

    Map of the area in question Little Tokyo Train Station Navy Base Housing Zones Banking and waterfront skyscrapers I moved part of the highway underground to build a park
  5. Overview

    I started taking pics late but love the look of this so far and wanted to share. I have a very dence center where all my larger buildings are packed in as well as large industrial areas and parts of town that are more old town feeling. Also, I use tons of BATs I can't help it. Please enjoy. This is the main map so far Here's the downtown This is Midtown, the part of town that was recently revamped and includes many single family homes as well as a large industrial harbor. Airport and a large farm land Next up is more about downtown.
  6.  i'm across the street from piedmont, not bad
  7. Lot Request Thread

    can anyone build the Atlanta library in Georgia USA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlanta-Fulton_Public_Library_System there are tons of pictures online and shouldnt be to hard i just don't know how yet.