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  1. East District, City of Albion

    very nice too bad the cars are so bright in the sams club parking lot
  2. It's coming along!

    Thanks for the comments everyone.  I will be getting to replies as soon as I have an update done.  Im getting married in a couple weeks so not a lot of time for simtropolis lately!
  3. Memorial Column

    I am liking this CJ (I have been to the real city several times so I was pleased to see the disclaimer saying it is not actually modeled after the real city.) keep it up
  4. Sea & Night Shots

    wow thats a tall city!  not my style but definetaly well built anyway! good job
  5. It's coming along!

    We have custom buildings in Vanillaton! I hope you enjoy! But First...... Dafiden: Thanks for posting on both pages so far! The NAM overpasses were a lot of work but well worth it. As far as the industrial areas are concerned the only difference is in the rocks and trees, not the buildings themselves. firdausabdullah: While they won't be side by side I did do some before and after shots for you! TekindusT: I wanted to go with a smaller area becuase I don't want to do a long drawn out CJ. Thanks for you input! I hope you continue to follow along! armpit43: I stopped by your CJ and left a couple words of wisdom! Good Luck! (x+x): I would type your whole name but I can't figure out how to do exponents! I will be addressing pollution when I start to focus on city beautification and industrial areas! Stay tuned! flamerunner14, Retep Molinari, and danielcote: Thank you guys for stopping by and showing interest! And Now For Our Update: The Mods: Church Pack Volume One by Simgoober Simville Local Polive by s_olah Neogothic by RaNoV NDEXITS Portchester Firestation by ill tonsko School Pack Volume One and Two by JBSimio All mods are available from the STEX with absolutely no dependancies! Now that credit is payed to those responsible for our transfromation thus far let us begin! In the last update I said I would be working on some critical infrastructure of the city. This included schools, churches, emergency services (no hospital yet though) and of course a City Hall! Lets start with the schools! Before: After! And the High School: Before! After! (This one took a few tries!) Of course after a hard project I needed an easy one! The church! Before! After! (only about 30 seconds here!) Police and Fire are not left behind in this update! Before! And After!! I found this building in the STEX and decided it would work as a City Hall and a Post Office! No before shot, just the After! And a shot of the area we worked in this update (sorry guys forgot to take a before shot on this one too)! Well that is all for today folks! I haven't decided on what to work on next and probably wont be able to do much on Vanillaton until the end of the weekend. In the meantime feel free to leave some comments and I will make sure to do a reply post on the next update! Feel free to leave any ideas of custom content you would like to see in the next update!
  6. Our first few hours of Custom Content!

    thanks all for the wonderful start! ill be gettting to replies and possibly an update tonight when i get home!
  7. Mario City Transit

    I am starting to like this CJ more and more!  Not exactly my playing style (I don't do much planning) but still coming along nicely!
  8. Trees, Rock, Water and Sand The Mods: Water and Sand: Coastal Mod by rivit Rock: Grassy Rock Mod by Heblem Trees: CPTN07AssortedTreeControllers by cycledogg Netword Addon Mod (June 2009) All of these mods are available on the STEX with no dependancies! My first priority was taking care of some of the traffic we seen in the first post. The NAM is a wonderful tool to have! Our traffic overlay after the NAM is put to work. A shot of an area directly affected by the NAM. Remember how boring our Industrial areas were? An overview. What a difference a few simple mods can make! And a couple detail pictures for those that like 'em! (above) Silver Shores Apartment is the only medium density building over 10 floors at the moment! (below) Vanillaton General Hospital and the Two Scoops Corporate Headquarters. (They originally wanted to stack the buildings on Waffle Street but zoning restrictions forbid putting one building on top of another) Stay tuned for our next update where I will attempt to improve the cities critical (and not so critical) infrastructure buildings! And I might even work on a story to go with this city! Replies to previous comments: Sandy32000: I will try not to keep you waiting to long! Thanks for posting!
  9. City Hall

    While it may not have been my first choice, it is a very interesting city hall! I just read through the entire cj and I have to say things are coming along.  Couple of tips if you care to recieve them :) 1.  Focus on one area at a time.  What I mean by that is don't so much plan everything out (you get a lot of grids and a less natural feeling to the city) but rather pick a few city blocks and let it tell you where to go from there. 2.  It might be an idea to scale some of you projects a bit.  I think (and this might just be me) that a 60 story building looks a little funny when all the other buildings around it are only 15 stories.  A city should go up in height relativley evenly. Well good luck and happy building!
  10. A Beginning

    Welcome to Vanillaton! A journey to bring custom content to a city! I want to first say that I am a big fan of this game and have been playing it for years! I was once a proud member of the simtropolis community but due to real life, I took a long break from this wonderful place. Needless to say this will be my very first city journal. I also plan on this being a small short journal. So lets begin..... THE MISSION: Build a small city with only the content provided to us by Maxis. Then transform it into something amazing! Beginnings! The city is born! Vanillaton is located on a small island in some ocean to the west of someplace! It grows! And the way the city looks before we get ready to add our custom content! Some Detail Pictures! Just a few shots for those of you that have forgotten what Maxis gave us to work with! Stay tuned for our first update which should include the NAM, terrain and water mods, and some floral mods! Also anyone that would like to suggest any custom content feel free! (if it has a ton of dependancies it will probably be ignored) THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  11. Corsica

    man the cathedral is huge...almost seems as if the scaling is off or something great cj