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About this City Journal

Taking a look at the imaginary city of Mankato, Minnesota, pop. 383,450. Formerly a center of Socialism in the U.S., now a thriving center for the arts and commerce, with a reinvigorated...

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Mankato is no Manhattan, yet it has a small collection of noted skyscrapers. The city is known for its relative density, compared to its population, and this is in large part to its downtown, whose "main street" style three- to five-story buildings still house apartments and businesses, and are relatively free of abandonement.


The Edgerson State Building and Judicial Center, named after Thomas Edgerson, mayor of Mankato from 1892-1898, houses the city's courthouse, city council, and numerous other government offices. (The historic city hall, which will be featured soon, houses a small amount of the offices of the Mayor, but is also largely a museum. The majority of work is done in "the Edge," as it is sometimes referred to.) It also houses the main headquarters for the Mankato Public School System, as well as KMAN, Mankato's public radio station, which explains the large antennae. It was built in 1929, finished weeks before the stock market crash, and became the tallest building in Mankato, and remained that way until 1962, when the Thompson Tower, now the ITM Tower, replaced it.


The 20-story ITM Tower, built in 1962, became the tallest building in Mankato at 255 feet upon its completion. It was one of the first buildings in the Midwest to reflect the International Style, and became a model of functionalism. It originally housed offices, its largest tenant being the Bank of Southern Minnesota, now defunct. In 1983, it was bought by the ITM Company, and made its world headquarters. The ITM Company is a company that specializes in "business solutions." Nobody knows what ITM stands for. In its rear plaza, the New Memorial Column was built in 2001 as a memorial for the Native Americans that originally inhabited the area Mankato now stands on.


On the left is the 24-story Bell Insurance Tower. Built just four years after the ITM Tower, in 1966, it became the tallest building in Mankato at 295 feet. It currently houses the Bell Insurance company. The Guise Building, built in 1986, is 230 feet tall and has 17 stories. It was named after Ethel Guise, the daughter of late-19th century millionare Leonard Guise, upon her death in 1981.


Memorial Column


Memorial Column, the centerpiece of West Village, is a 234 feet tall column built in 1896 to memorialize citizens - particularly Minnesotans - who had died in the conflicts - American Revolution, Civil War, Spanish-American War, etc. - that had preceeded the building of this monument. Until 1929, when the Edgerson State Building & Judicial Center was completed, it was the tallest structure in Mankato. The statue at the top of the column is an allegorical statue of Peace, made out of bronze. Its placement in a residential neighborhood was controversial at the time, but was defended because it was located at the near geographic center of the city. Legendary Mankato mayor and future Senator Thomas Edgerson (of whom the Edgerson State Building is named after) also claimed he wanted the monument to be "for the people," and not something that only politicians could look out the window and see.





Here is an overview of central Downtown Mankato, as well as, in the top third of the picture, a part of West Village, a historical row-house filled neighborhood just bordering Downtown. Over the next few entires, I'll focus on each of these buildings and tell you a little about them.

(Note: Sorry about the lack of cars, I was having some trouble, but for future entries, the traffic should be back up to a decent level.)



Hi, and thanks for checking out my city journal! Before I start, I want to thank the ST & SC4D community for all their support and AMAZING mods.

Disclaimer: First of all, this city is made using entirely unlimited money, ploppable cheats, etc., etc. Second of all, this city journal does not seek to glorify or advocate Socialism, and defenitely does not endorse the crimes committed throughout history done in the name of Socialism. It does, however, seek to show an angle you may not have seen in a CJ, and simply to have fun with a "what if" scenario. Please keep the comments related to SC4/architecture/transportation/whatever - just not politics. Third of all, this Mankato, Minnesota bares no relation to the real Mankato, Minesotta (pop. 85,712), except its name and general location as inspiration. Thanks!



Please comment! Thanks!

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