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  1. It would be really cool to have a beach resort dlc...they already have the tourism in place so all they would need to do is design new beach hotels from like Eco hotels to high end beach bungalows or like those huge beach resorts in Mexico or more lik Miami
  2. Show Us Your Skylines

    my skyline
  3. averonton region

    there could be commuters coming into the city which explain the low population
  4. maybe maxis man and dr vu?
  5. Simcity 4 isnt that great...

    But a game with such a great simulation will always beat out an old piece of crap. I feal like even the vanilla Simcity beats Simcity 3 due to the fact that it is so great at stimulating a city. Simcity the series is a city simulator so it would be nice of it to stimulate cities. The Simcity 4 regions look ugly and outdated and the game at a city level is dull and interesting. I rather have a limited city size but have a deep invigorating game rather than large regions that lack life.
  6. Can my PC run SimCity 5?

    Processor- AMD Phenom II X4 925 Processor Ram-8 gb Graphics- ATI Radeon HD 7750 Graphics Memory- 3067 mb PRimary Hard Disk- 1 tb will it run on high? Thanks in advanced
  7. Simcity 4 isnt that great...

    Totally agreed! I think people should just realize that Simcity is a great game and that they should really stop complaining. Everyone sees them as annoying and honestly your not going to change anything and your voice really has no power so...
  8. Simcity 4 isnt that great...

    I just feel that now because ten years have passed the new SImcity will obviously be more superior and more developed. Simcity has much better graphics and a FAR superior engine thus making it a better game. The people who complain about the game only look at the outside and not the inside. They do not see that the engine will always be a more fundamental part to game play then the space between cities. The people who complain about simicty are the people who spend hours building a city but do not enjoy the actual city and only like looking at it. I want a city that is alive and enjoyable. No body wants to micro manage for hours and look into such small details. The people who complain claim to be speaking for the entire simtropolis community while this topic has just said that not everyone feels that way. I feel that the new Simcity will be a great success and the people who say are boycotting it will just miss out on a great game and not be missed because all they do is complain. Its funny how the complainers seem to be such a small part of the hard core city building community yet they speak a if everyone hates the game! The game looks great and will be so much fun to play!
  9. Simcity 4 isnt that great...

    ya to me Simcity 4 feals dead. We may not be able to have huge maps but I feel as if its a great trade of for the ability to build a living city that behaves and runs like an actual city!
  10. I recently started to play simcity 4 after beta 2 and the game honestly isnt that great. My cities feel very dead unlike the ones in the beta where i could actually zoom into street level and see actual citizens doing everyday things. This is what makes the game so great. Simcity (2013) is able to stimulate a living and breathing city. It may be on smaller maps but if you think about it the game is a true city simulator. A city simulator should simulate a city like Simcity (2013) and not like Simcity 4 which is boring and static.
  11. will a ATI radeon 7750 DDR5 run simcity on high?? theres one in stock so answer asap
  12. What settings do you think ill be able to run simcity on?? These are my computer's settings- Processor- AMD Phenom II X4 925 Processor Ram-8 gb Graphics- ATI Radeon HD 4200 Graphics Memory- 3067 mb PRimary Hard Disk- 1 tb I know I need a new graphics card and was thinking of getting the Radeon HD 6670 DDR3. ANy other options under 75 dollaars? Thanks in advanced
  13. New Graphics Card

    how will a Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 run????
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew of a graphics card that would be able to run simcity on High that is no more then 100 dollars? I really want to play the game with great graphics but my card is pretty old. Everything else on my computer is fine, its my graphic card.
  15. I was wondering if there was any way to get a beta code because all the codes Ocean posts are instantly taken! So does anyone know an easier way to get a code?