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  1. Bank One Tower Indianapolis

    Shouldn't this be the CHASE Tower now? j/k.
  2. Bus Blocker

    Interesting idea. How about one that limits freight trucks, which could be used to create truck routes. Just a thought. Good work.
  3. Driveable Lamborghini Diablo

    Now here's a car worth downloading! Very cool!
  4. Springfield Tire Yard

    I'll post to my SimpCity thread in the forum about how I made the lot for anyone interested. Thanks again. Oh, and yes, the nuclear power plant is in the works. I'm still collecting images from various episodes, but it's already under construction.
  5. Springfield Tire Yard

    Wow! Thanks for all of the positive comments. It was a lot of fun to make this lot, (as all the Simpson lots have been). I've actually been sitting on it for a while. I wasn't sure if it was "post-ready".
  6. Springfield Tire Yard



    Home to the famed Springfield Tire Fire, (said to be the longest continually burning tire fire), the Tire Yard is also a great place to pick up a nice set of slightly melted Michelins, or 'real' Firestones. This 2X2 landmark will draw sightseers from near and far bringing business opportunities along with it, making the air polluting clouds of smoke only a minor drawback. I've included the model, the landmark description, and the landmark lot. Also, I only placed a few smoke/fire effect using the lot editor, so feel free to add or alter them as you desire. Personally, I like the nuclear meltdown smoke which spews green radiation-like particles into the air. Deer Creeker
  7. Albert Heijn

    Well done. My favorite AH is the one UNDER museumplein, close to the Van Gogh museum. I'd never been to an underground grocery store before and I didn't even notice it was there the first dozen times that I passed the entrance.
  8. Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaraunt

    That looks great! And the night lighting is very well-done. I'm in the mood for tacos.
  9. The Simpson House

    Thanks, Blue. And so that you know, I've started an updated version. I've made a more accurate path leading from the door to the driveway instead of to the street, a couple plants for under the windows, and an aerial antenna on the roof. The treehouse might take a while.
  10. SimpCity KwikEMart

    Yes Catperson, the bike rack IS on the "wrong" side, but that's because the pic of the BAT is actually Apu's store. This, is a more generic version which has a couple of differences. Apu's store should be done soon. I SWEAR! I'm glad you guys like it. Thanks.
  11. SimpCity KwikEMart



    Due to moving, ISP problems, and other life issues, I've been holding onto this for way too long, so here it is: the Kwik-E-Mart (Version 1.0) This includes the model and description files for the Kwik-E-Mart, the Kwik-E-Mart sign, as well as a tiny 2D Apu. In addition, I've included a landmark lot file, because I can't make proper commercial lots. Feel free to repost as such. (Please?) FYI: I spent a long time on this (probably too much), as well as a 2nd version with Apu's rooftop garden, (which, once it exports correctly, I'll upload as well). More to come.
  12. Steak n Shake

    the texture you are using for the awning is not long enough, and when it gets repeated, an abnormally large stip of black appears, (every 3rd stripe). Not bad, but needs work. (I still have the old one showing up in my cities though).
  13. Nesco Petsmart

    Very nice. My SimPets will love it.
  14. Faucet of Wonder

    I don't know what that means, but it sounds good! Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

    Are you sure we can download this in the U.S. w/o violating the trade embargo? J/K. Great idea. The variety of buildings that keep coming out amazes me, and this one is no exception. Good job.