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  1. Show us your Bridges

    io_bg, WHERE did you get that GLR bridge?!? That's Amazin'!
  2. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Thanx ac94....I had thought that was an awesome growable, but....a Landmark was my second guess. lol....Thanx again, man.
  3. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Hey, all...I've been lookin' for this one buildin' that I've seen EVERYWHERE in forums all over, 'n I can't find it ANYWHERE. Please help me. It's the one with the red 'n white circles. Please help. Thanx in advance.
  4. Anduin Valley Revisited

    Oh....cool! THERE I am. Wow....I knew I posted a lot of my postin' career in this here CJ, but I didn't expect that much. Thanx for pointin' me out, John. Keep up the great work, dood!
  5. Anduin Valley Revisited

    HEY! I'm wonderin' how many posts I made to this? I mean, I've made plenty a post in this CJ, as it is by far the best one on here....uh...from the time when Jeronij still have columbia River 'n his other one (not sure of the name, anymore). This thing has WELL over a few thousand posts, 'n I'm quite certain that ya missed me there, Darmok. Just FYI. Now keep up the great work 'n spare us nothin' of your progress of Anduin Valley region, hmmm?
  6. GLR station traffic

    This is great 'n all, but how 'bout explainin' the fact that some of the multi-engine trams (and trains) are so freakin' LOOOOONG! I mean, what's with all the trams bein' like.....stretched a whole street like, 15 cars long? Is that somethin' hidden, a mod, what? Ya already mentioned the number of trams, so I wanted to ask 'bout the number of tram CARS. I figured I should ask that here, since this thread is all 'bout GLR traffic, so....whatcha think?
  7. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Hey. I'm kinda in a bind. I'm lookin' to start usin' SG's canal sets again, but I can't find one certain set. This prolly wasn't uploaded by Goober, but it has his signature all over it. I'm talkin' 'bout the canal bridges/overpasses/pedestrian passes for Mickebear's MBEAR Mediterranean Venican style canal pieces. All of the Mediterranean sets seem to be missin' from here. Seems that ST has practically gotten rid of anythin' Mediterranean by Mickebear, Barby, Kwakalear (however ya spell his name) and so on. Please, help!
  8. Japanese Walls Set

    Uh....I dunno how everyone else is gettin' it, but it just won't fully downlaod for me. Someone please look into this....please?
  9. Originally posted by: ExiL3 *EEEEEEERRRRT* (error message), Your picture is way too big. 800x600 is MAX. Please reupload the picture before it gets deleted... take care,quote> That better up there, pal? BTW, I've noticed when downloadin' these beauties....SOMY's got a Cruise Port for it! I mean, just look at this thing! This would look great with ANY of his BAT's, I promise! (uh....could someone please resize this for me, please? Thanx)
  10. Somy seems to have changed the picture of the great ships. I got a new one, right here....looks like there are Sister Ships!
  11. Um.....has anyone noticed this on SOMY's site and......wow..... Check it out! This puts almost every Sim ship I have ever seen in a Simcity game to shame. Now if only he can make, like...a big cruise ship docking station/port and/or tourist attraction and include the other ship he did with this one.... I can't wait till he gets THIS one done!!! Work fast, Somy! And keep doin' a FANTASTIC JOB!!!
  12. SMP Discussion

    Uh....one little question: I've downlaoded two of the HSR Train skins....and I have no idea which file is what in each installer. I only see 1dat, carriagetrain, train, and somethin' else...can't make heads or tails of it; thus I'm not able to install it. Help, please? If ya can, please send me a PM with the info as to what each file is. Thanx.
  13. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Ill Tonkso, thanx a lot, man! I never knew jsut how big that thing was. 7x6. I mean....wow. Thanx again, looks great in my city.
  14. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    I'm so glad this thread was made, 'cause there's one buildin' I just can't find. I've seen this buildin' a lot on AK's CJ's, and I've even tried askin' him where he found it, but he hasn't actually responded to me at all. I just can't find this thing, along with a lot of stuff that looks like it comes from the same source or site. Help me, please? Plus, in one of the seaport threads I've found (I think it was AK again) this ship has me confused where IT came from, too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx again.
  15. Green Depra

    Uh....is there a special mod or somethin' that enables ya to make elongated bridges over land like that? That's the cat's MEOW! I would love to know your secrets, chocolatemax! Sorry it's taken me so damn long to post in here, but this CJ finally caught my eye...with a twinkle 'n a gleam in it. LOL! Awesome job, man! Keep it comin'!