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  1. Commercial Center

    Yes! I needed more color in my cities
  2. Low Income House

    I swear this is still my most favorite house in my cities.. Awesome dude!
  3. New Age and Occult Pack Volume 2

    You Rock My World! My Sims Love the Occult... especially Wanda's ;^)
  4. Low Wealth Commercial Shops Volume 1

    Wonderful, simply great. I just re-installed my Simcity4 and I IMMEDIATELY went online to download your packs again. My cities would be nothing without your artistic touch. Thank you so much for your uploads!
  5. I recently said your home depot lot was the worst lot ever. I regret that seeing these crappy things. 0 of 10
  6. The Home Depot by C Rockett

    The home depot? Worst lot ever... choke on a pretzel. 1 of 10