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  1. quitting game always save your cities, so if you realy need an instant update go this way
  2. Someone obviously went to a region, took out the highest bonds possible, then abandoned immediately. There's not much more trolling than actively trying to raise crime level and pollution levels (like I do...). I don't dare to touch my neighbour's city. But is it true that all players in the same map have more than necessary privilege to modify other's city like shutting down police station to crank the crime rate skyhigh? You cant edit other people's cities. So how is it possible to troll other's city? this way: "I'm going to create the dirtiest and crime ridden and infested cities imaginable. Dr. Vu will bring unimaginable terror to your cities!"
  3. in betwa was a 1000k city so is must be possible... with low wealth high density but commercial/industry in another city only i think
  4. How do I turn off the grid lines?

    i would do anything to get such a grid (but it seems to me like a glitch, not a feature)
  5. that this will kill the simcity franchise maybe too will make you happy too?
  6. Well I finally did it

    since last patch everything is fine... played the last 6 hours without any problems...
  7. maybe im playing online games too long to get angry about such problems..
  8. Who would have thought...

    you have not experienced the citiesxl release, that's for sure.... citiesxl at the release was a crap of a game..
  9. where have you been the last year? this all was discussed over and over again...
  10. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/0/9337464.page#27453625
  11. ea gives refunds for every game you buy online for 14 days after downloading the game.. (at least in europe because of our law)
  12. Simcity streams.

    best stream ever: http://www.twitch.tv/ariablarg
  13. tried to reinstall?
  14. that's the result of your wrong street layout... the game isn't as easy as many people think