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  1. Subway station

    I can put the screen in zone view. I wonder if there is a way to put the game in zone view thus allowing me to put subway stations in. The default shows the buildings and subway lines. Is there a plug in for constant zone view? Thanks
  2. Elevated Rail

    Ok the solution. When you install the NAM it changed my graphic options. You need to just set you graphic options back to default. Guess what they all come back. LOL
  3. Elevated Rail

    Yours could be real simple you have it set to left hand drive or right hand drive. That is an easy fix. just reinstall NAM and change the side you drive on.
  4. Elevated Rail

    I can not see cars or trains. Is there something I have done that prevents me from seeing the cars and trains. Is this a glitch with NAM? Any help would be nice. Thanks
  5. Ok so I have simulator Z and people have abandon the Monorail system. Is this now do to the faster and better transits system? The rider ship was not great but did it get use. Why has this happen?
  6. Ask and you shall receive. This answers alot of questions. Long living game and I really understand why. Addicted to it now....
  7. Ok I have done a few searches and you guys have the coolest looking networks. Here is my problem. I have downloaded NAM BTM and a few other things and just can not get the right combination of things. Here is what I want. Faster monorail. Better path to work. Raised monorail to go over the elevated freeway. What are the plugins or patches I need to make this work. You guys seem way advance for this NOB. Can I just get a list. I put the NAM in and my monorail stopped carrying passangers. So that can not be right. Please help this lost NOB. Thanks