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  1. Banished

    This game could be named patience. Every NPC in the game is a distinct individual with a name and job. They have kids and they get old and die. Don't pay attention for instance, and your teacher could die and cause the school to close. It did it to me. You micromanage this game. Use pause if you walk away. It doesn't forgive inattention.
  2. Banished

    Release date has been issued for Banished.
  3. Update 6.0 release notes

    Well, yeah. However will electronics be freight? Will they let you import freight in the trade centers? How they implement this will tell the tale. However I'm waiting for something that means something. The game was working fine for me. And when I played it last after patch 5 Armageddon didn't come down and wreck my cities. But if they don't add some content and an offline mode then I've gotten everything that I find useful from it. As it stood when I quit playing I had no traffic issues, no money issues, no gifting issues, and could pretty much do whatever I felt like doing. At which point it lost my interest. I suspect that the number of players has dropped off on their servers. And old farts like me don't get to answer surveys.
  4. Update 6.0 release notes

    All due respect to those posting but, but the complaint I have seen the most is that RCI is broken. The question in my mind is what counts as freight?
  5. Industrial Tech Levels

    Use the building density overlay. They upgrade when the tech level peaks.
  6. Sims Can Not Find Shops or Parks

    The complaint was that medium wealth would never abandon because of no shops. They tinked it. You have to have medium wealth shops. Parks will not satisfy them completely.
  7. A beautiful city

    Reduce services to the lowest levels that can maintain your city. If you aren't doing high tech use cheap schools and forget Universities Don't recycle. It just pushes you to spend. Use the cheapest energy per megawatt. Do what cities do.
  8. Sims Can Not Find Shops or Parks

    On the last patch they changed the way medium wealth responds to not having enough shops. It's much more sensitive to it now. Zone more medium wealth shops.
  9. If you must use nuclear, I would put it in one corner as close in as you can get. The effects are circular. 3/4 of the effect will happen off map if it goes up. Radiation will never go away, and you can't clean it up. 38 game years for the lightest band to go away. Or as has been suggested by others put it on another map, get it working and sharing power and never go back. It's only saving grace is that it is compact. Couple of other things. Use them at your own risk, I don't know you if they don't work. Put your trash dumps around the Station. The Lizard goes for the trash. Give him a target that is not you plant. For him to get the station he has to spawn on it. I've never seen an earthquake spawn in a corner, but I have seen them on an edge. Same for meteor strikes. But the random nature of these events makes nukes a bad choice.
  10. Question: How to quickly upgrade HQ's

    Because trade upgrades are based on your daily profit. You made them one day and sold another. What you sold was pure profit for the day you sold them. The cost to manufacture was occurred the previous day. Does that make sense?
  11. Question: How to quickly upgrade HQ's

    Here's the deal. Use Skye's Gambit to get your first million.(3 residential to 2 commercial or something close to that, over your map using dirt roads jacking the taxes up to whatever the Sims will live with) Then clean it up add services and schools and update the roads. After you unlock the Community College build 5 level two tech factories. That unlocks the processor factory. Set a small trade center. Import alloy and plastic and export processors. You are on your way. I got to 1.3 million in about a half hour. I could have kept adding factories until I ran out of space. Once you have the money rolling in its just a matter of time to unlock the trade facilities and electronics to the max. This gives you all the trade center lots. In the current market on NW4 computers are the money machine. The biggest problem you face is getting your product to market. No mining and no drilling. If they make the market work it could change but that is the way it is today. I'm not saying that this is the way to play the game, but if you are going to compete on the leader boards than you will probably do something like it.
  12. Question: How to quickly upgrade HQ's

    Never mine or drill. Import and sell. Resource extraction is purposeless.
  13. Should SimCity be more 'realistic;

    It's a game. If it's fun for you then it's achieved it's purpose. If it's not it didn't. EA's purpose is to make money giving you something fun to do. Sometimes it doesn't work. Personally I had fun with it. But I can see how others might not.
  14. Nuclear Meltdown

    The radiation will never clear. 38 years per shading, Live with or destroy and move on.
  15. Isolated self sustaining city

    The city will continue as before, but property won't develop. Anything that fails stays failed until you reconnect.