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  1. In all of the cities I have ever built, I have never remembered to build a rail system. Until my city is to large, and I cannot build an effective one. So help me out please. Do you start early in the city? Put freight and commuters on the same line? Connect all the railways? What is the best way to face the stations? And any thing else you can contribute, thanks! Also, I do not use any plugins or nams or cheats or anything else. I like to play al natural
  2. Well, Id say your biggest problem is that no noogies have been given out. Seriously though, I had a city about that size, and I know my water consumption was no where near 90000 per month. Sounds a bit high to me. But it also seems strange that you have a full mayor rating and 4 billion dollars. Maybe there is a problem with your game?
  3. Abadoned buildings

    As an add on then, it sounds like it is better to demolish the buildings then?
  4. Riots

    I think it was Sim City 2000, but I miss the Warning Horn. You could sound it to warn people of an impending disaster, and ofcourse, I liked to do it when there was no disaster. The people freak out, and everyone would run into their homes.
  5. Earliest Sim City Memory...

    In the supermarket, and there was Sim City (or was it classic?) Either way, it was cheap and looked cool. Picked it up for my Windows 95 machine, in 5th grade I think. Played it for HOURS on end, then found the function to make your own map. Not that it was very good. But the game was good. I remember exactly what you could build, and you could only build the one size. Always tried to keep the city square, with roads surrounding each property. To those who have never played Sim City, play it. Im sure there is some free ware of it on the net. Gets you a good root for what we are playing now. Sim City also led the way for Sim Tower, which I still think is one of these best games to come out for computer.