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  1. Sinburg Plaza Set - Base Set

    Hi, wonderful set for filling up the spaces in my downtown districts. One thing, there don't seem to grow any trees on the lots which show trees in the preview. What dependency is this, or am I supposed to plant those myself?
  2. mass transit

    try the traffic controllers so sims will only use the car for short distances or walk to the station, so you force them to use the mass transit and leave the car: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=14799&v=1
  3. my sims hate trains

    Well, have you got parking space near your stations and bus stops next to your stations?(this might affect the park&ride) Further, try to add a road to the industry, and removing it later, so your sims are forced to look for an other route.
  4. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    It's in the updated NAM Nice interchanges everyone! although I gave up on v2 of RHW because of the malfunctioning of the road to MIS(no cars could get on... my highway), I might consider trying again, seen what you all do now.
  5. So, here's the problem, I've downloaded the SNM(sim nation military) lots. And the power station and washrack are keeping showing up with missing props and a box on the lot. With this tool I had on my previous Windows installation, I've found that the problem was with the dependency: "BSC mega props JES Vol01.dat" I've downloaded this file about 8 times, and every time, it gave the same results... just the box and missing props. I've also tried redownloading all other dependency needed for it, but still the same... Can anyone help me?
  6. Did you install the NAM(probably yes, seeing the lanes in front of the crossing), and did you install it correctly?(Did you chose the right option for left or right hand driving?) Try removing it and installing it again and make sure you have the right options chosen.
  7. Snow?

    I also had something like: hey, I havn't installed any low snowcap mods for my terrain mod. So i uninstalled the whole terrainmod, and it was still there! And then i thought: aww yeah, it's christmas, probably an ester egg. So I got to find my terrainmod again(on the internets) and install it again
  8. Show us your airport!

    they're in the standard ACE 747 Pack I think, the latest version(I dont know if it's been updated a while ago though) It's the Aer Lingus gate, which can be identified in the menu by white letters EIN on a green background(whith the standard plane pic above it, of course) Hope you can find it ^^
  9. Show us your airport!

    Well, ive finally finished my new airport since the last region I built an airport in corrupted without any backup, well ive learned from that, and ive taken all i've learned and took it to a new region. Where I built a bigger and better airport. Here are the results: Here's an overview of the whole airport, as you can see, only the airport is developed yet Here's the main terminal with it's parking lots some airplanes waiting for their passengers I dunno how this is called an overview of the takeoff and landing strips the cargo transport centre the second terminal and parking lots I hope you like my airport EDIT: it seems the pictures wont show up: here's the link tot he album: LINK REMOVED I'll fix the pics when I have the time...
  10. ACE Airport Pack

    Could anyone please tell me where I can find the 747 Staging lines of this wonderful airport pack. I did find them in my plugins folder, but I can't seem to find it in the airport menu... I can't finish my airport properly without it(It looks buttugly without them...) EDIT: nevermind, the files wernt what I thought they were, and the lines are a separate pack I didnt have yet...
  11. Show us your airport!

    I think he used diagonal TARMAC for his runways, as you can see the tarmac is the same texture as the runway
  12. SC4Mapper problem

    Did you use only standard alphabet letters or also special characters, since you arn't native english speaking, you could have used special characters which arn't supported in the file format. Try giving it another name, or If you are saving to a not yet excisting folder, create the folder first before you save to a location(I have no experience with SC4mapper, so correct me if i'm wrong)
  13. Sims wont use RHW

    Thanks, I just relaid everything with oneway roads and avenues, which saves a lot of room at the intersections
  14. As I finally began to use the Rural highway mod, I laid it out so that I had a very nice looking highway through my newly developed region. However, when I had some sims moving in, they all build their houses, but they came without a Job, The nearest industrial area(which they request) is in the region next to it. The weird thing is: the sims wont use my Highway to get to work, but the trucks of the industries next door do use them. I've double checked the connections to the normal roads. I even relaid an intersection because 2 tiles gave the name elevated rail when hovering over with the query tool! Can anyone help with what might be the problem?
  15. Hmm, I do have a seaport controller, I'll look into it if I got two of them...