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  1. Originally posted by: Jumpthefence I'm not getting why the Air Force has(had) a reason to shoot down the plane. Chances are they had no idea who stole the plane until it landed. Sure, it would've stopped the pursuit and any threat as long as it wasn't in an urban area, but if the pilot became a casualty, a lot of legal problems would arise. Obviously, if the guy took off he knows something about flying, but that also means he should know something about landing too. I say just let him run out of gas. He stole the plane, what's the worst that could happen? Its not like he's a terrorist, not if it's a plane from Thunder Bay (did I just offend anyone from Thunder Bay? It is a great city). quote> You have obviously never worked around Air Force aircraft or with the pilots. First, the F-16's will try to make contact with the plane. If the pilot of the stolen plane does not acknowledge, and the stolen plane heads for an urban area, the Air Force has every right to shoot that plane down. Most of the time when this happens, the pilot accidently just strayed off course. But beings the plane was stolen, that's a different story. In this case, it falls just short of a hijacking.
  2. Originally posted by: El Burro Originally posted by: Barbarossa The F-16s should have shot the plane down. Harsh, I know, but think of the damage that could have been done if this was a fanatic aiming for a high-rise. Canada to MO... that provides a lot of targets along the way. Barbarossaquote> Its only a Cessna, if he had crashed it into a building the damage would've been small scale. People would've died, yeah, but shooting him down would've been diffucult to pull off unless he was over an empty stretch of land or a body of Water. I doubt the Air Force would want to be responsible for a Plane crash in a built up area. quote> Just because it's a Cessna doesn't mean the military won't take it that seriously. There's been Cessnas that fly over DC and enter restricted air space. Alert aircraft responded just as swiftly as they would have if it had been, say, an enemy fighter or bomber.
  3. Marshall, South Dakota

    No. This city is completely fictional. Unfortunately, I've spent over half of my life in this state and it's largest city is about 120,000. The whole state's population is about 3/4 million people. Originally posted by: E.J.C id city doesn't excist in reallife does it? anyhow, good luckquote>
  4. The Nation of Holidia (COFR)

    in what world are the mirage and the mgm next to each other? they're at the opposite ends of the strip.
  5. Doppler Radar Tower

    or maybe make a landfill out of Arlington National Cemetery. you know, that would be equally disrespectful... jerk.
  6. Doppler Radar Tower

    you idiot. take the ball away, and you've rendered something strikingly similar to the US Air Force Memorial in Virginia. why would you do such a thing? that's like putting a ball glove over the torch in the Statue of Liberty's hand so she can catch a home run from Yankee Stadium. Where's the respect?
  7. build more mass transit. build bus stations and parking lots/ramps next to your residential mass transit stations. People will then drive/take the bus to the train station and ride to work. kind of a park-and-go system. i also found a mod on the STEX that might help. i'll post info on it as soon as i find it again.
  8. Commercial Demand (RCI)

    How's your primary and higher education? High wealth businesses aren't going to move to your city if no one's educated.
  9. Modern Illinois Traffic Light

    there's stoplights like this everywhere. i personally see this as your rough draft. keep workin at it. it's got potential. i eventually would like to see new stoplights in this game. and who at MAXIS was smokin crack when they designed them? I've never seen stoplights before the intersection.
  10. Alleys v3

    i mean, if someone gives you directions to turn at the next intersection, are ya gonna turn into the alley or onto the street? think about it. i'm looking for realism in this game. not just creativity
  11. Alleys v3

    on this game, having a street enabled alley is a stupid idea. when's the last time you saw an alley with crosswalks and possibly a stop sign? i've seen signs labeling alleys as streets in large cities, but never have i seen them set up like a normal street intersection.
  12. Blu-Ray Beats HD-DVD. The War Is Over!

    Originally posted by: Namesys Well i feel sorry for Sony and toshiba as I HOPE everyone will soon adopt internet over all those files. Instead buying games/films in stores you just click them and get them on your HDD or HDD storage device in minutes and don't need to worry about stuff like making damage to them or that they will get lost. HDDVD/blue-ray < internetquote> I don't know about Sony, but I know Microsoft has already started doing that on Xbox Live. You can pay for movies and tv shows to download. However, the movies are only a rental. They have an expiration date.
  13. Originally posted by: Keepan Hello out there, as soon as I'm starting to get some nice skyscrapers and so on I'm getting problem with the pollutions. Mostly from the roads though I almost never build industry and use clean power. So I was wondering if someone knows of some nice mods to get ridth of my problems? I would prefer more effective trees but it dosn't really matter how it looks. It's important that it helps the pollution done by the traffic. Searched after it but havn't really found anything that matches this needs. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section, please move it. //Keepanquote> Here's a quick bandaid you can put on your pollution problems. Get rid of your water system and power system. Then hold down the CTRL key and the X key. a dialogue box will pop up in the top left corner. Type in "fightthepower". Do this again, except type in "howdryiam". This will get rid of your water and power dependencies. So you'll lower pollution a little bit and save some money. Only thing I've found annoying about these cheat codes is your utility guy will not stop yappin about needing power and water. Another thing, rethink how you design your road system. Don't use avenues as street fronts for ANYTHING. Use one way streets. Then go on the STex and find ground level parking lots. They're made using a parks and rec concept. They're transit enabled and they also help your environment.
  14. i'll tell ya what. i joined the military in south dakota. i got stationed in south carolina. i actually saved money by driving rather than flying. but i'll tell you what. if the interstates or (controlled traffic freeways) didn't exist, i would've spent a lot more than 24 hours on the road. Thank you General/President Eisenhower. I salute you.