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  1. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    i hate doing sprawl, i've tried it once, and got bored in 30 minutes i don't know how you guys do it, everyone's sprawl looks so realistic and great nice work!
  2. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Download the listed dependencies.
  3. The Custom Member Label Club

    Honk Honk? Is that some kind of cheesy joke? I do not comprehend.
  4. How many "ranks" are there on ST?

    Doi, April fools Day isn't over yet, abcdefg!

    Originally posted by: Twenty20 Very funny ! but why all these eagles flying above the candies ?quote> Maybe they are hungry? I love the update a lot, ilikehotdogsalot, especially that "OOPS" in the middle. I know it's difficult to be perfect like me, but it's nice to see you try!
  6. Member of the Month Awards Ceremony: March 2008

    Good job to both of you! The Almighty smiles upon you two.
  7. How do YOU name your cities?

    I name mine over a variety of cheeses. Parmesan Colby Teleme Vermont Tilamook Swiss Kansas Cow Frankenmuth Brocciu Cancoillette Cantal Chabichou du Poitou Abondance Beaufort Great Hill Peekskill Pinconning Muenter Monterey Capriole Cypress Grove Hubbardston Amablu Bergere Romano String Texas Goat Provolone Livarot Chaource Chevrotin Roquefort Mimolette Maroilles Roquefort Cream Plymouth Provel Jindi Brie Cougar Gold Maytag Blue Pepperjack Valencay Tomme de Savoie Salers Saint Agur Rocamadour Rocamadour Crowley I can keep going if you'd like.
  8. New Los Angeles

    Intesting, but can't you guys be more creative than add 'New' to an existing city name?
  9. Spring Break!

    Originally posted by: granto93 you probably dont want to know what else ill be doing quote> Does it include cheese grating?
  10. What does it make you think of?

  11. Schulmania

    Interesting journal you have here, Schulmanator. I do see you have a fetish with cats, but where is your cheese grater fetish? Do you not know it is Cheese Grater Appreciation weekend? Where is your spirit? I speak to all of the City Journal section, show some appreciation! I like those bobbleheads.
  12. How much are you worth to science?

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $143,010,093,018! Doesn't that make you feel great grate? Why, yes, yes it does.
  13. Post Your Picture Here!

    Sorry, this programme is only available to play in the UKquote> Boo!
  14. BATs Currently in Progress

    Originally posted by: ilikehotdogsalot You did that in a day? *looks around for the Almighty Cheese Grater* *bows down to the Almighty Simfox*quote> I saw that!
  15. China warns Taiwan over Independence

    Originally posted by: El BurroChina is China and Taiwan is Taiwan. Saying Taiwan is the real China is like saying Cheese is the real Milk.quote> Funny you should mention that.