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  1. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    this is my comercial city of Nova Betnava Center Please post .JPEGs
  2. Nicest European Cities?

    Ljubljana, Slovenia (250.000)
  3. Show us your - Region

    this is my region of shterns field
  4. Show us your SimCity 4 funnies/glitches

    the most stupid glitch that occured to me was when in the midle of saving the game it crashed and when i got again in to the region the city that i saved disapered. i couldn't click on it, but the city was giving the population to the region and was still connectet to the other cities
  5. Shterns field

    Just made this pictures of the region and the transportation
  6. Shterns field

    NOVA BETNAVA CENTER (PART 2) [Edited for oversized pic] BT
  7. A tribute to the generic looking city

    your region shot looks fantastic and I like the farms waiting to see more
  8. Shterns field

    Replies: fabsies55: thank you jacqulina: thank you for support roboo1:thank you, changed the map from wikipedia
  9. Shterns field

    Betnavian Garden This part of city has the biggest stadium and sports arena in the country.
  10. Shterns field

    Replies: KingTitan: thank you, don't know why the problems though Simtastico:thank you, trees are left default so you can't see them from regional view
  11. Shterns field

    Comming soon: Nova Betnava centre
  12. Shterns field

    Nova Betnava
  13. Shterns field

    Ostrin from region view Ostrin center Historical part of the city Ostrin's skyscraper Ostrin's mall The subburbs
  14. Shterns field

    The city of Ostrin
  15. Shterns field

    Šternsko polje for my first CJ I am building a fictonal region, with the central city of Nova Betnava. The region lies somwhere in central europe and is the heart of a small country called Carnithonia. The location of Carnithonia. The history of Carnithonia The country was established in 1919 after the first world war,but wasn't completle independent. It was under Italian protection, which meant that it did not have any army and had to give a sizeble percent of its national budget to Italy. But this partial independence came to an end in 1935 when fascist Benito Mussolini joined the country to Italy. The country again began its ecsitstance in 1944 when It was liberated by the allied army. Current progress... 15.8.2008 1-ostrin 2-Nova Betnava 3-Betnavian garden 4-Nova Betnava center click this to help shtern field in myminycitiy I I I I I I \ / \ / V shtern field