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  1. One Blue Sky - Airport Recreations

    Looking good! I'll keep an eye out, I feel Raleigh-Durham Int'l would be a good pick for a recreation.
  2. Virgin Shores

    psander5: Argh, it's hard for me to tell where things are on the zoning map without the streets turned on. Actually, the southwest quad may work better as far as getting a rail link, and it will still work to use the highway as a divider from the residential.
  3. Virgin Shores

    Alright, new proposal. And this appears to not interfere with what supercity proposed. I'd like to propose the development of a small medium-density industrial park off of I-1. This park would be linked to a half-clover off the highway.
  4. Virgin Shores

    Hm, I guess I totally ignored that side of the photo in the last update. Heh, I'll look at the proposal again tomorrow. As for the red X, that's supposed to be the Virgin Steel logo. But it won't load.
  5. Virgin Shores

    Originally posted by: Archean I'm not sure the committee will accept that proposal, seeing that those lots are only Growable, and it would take time to actually get the game to build that lot. DTP would prefer Ploppable lots and buildings. (I learned that myself not too long ago. ) Milo Archean~ (mike)quote> Oh doh, I thought they were plop lots. =/ I'll change my proposal soon and update in a few minutes. I found a few plops that will work. EDIT: Updated proposal.
  6. Virgin Shores

    Alright, finally up to date. So here is my proposal for an area that looks like it's been forgotten. I'd like to propose the construction of Virgin Steel's first iron coking plant. The local mine produces prime coke for the production of steel. We would like to build a 19x6 coking station (red), which will provide up to 500 jobs to the local citizens. We also propose that a spur be built off the rail line (blue) to the mine to facilitate in coke and pig iron and an upgrade to the access road to allow trucks to easily access the facility, as they will be overweight for the current dirt road.. Also a small parking lot for commuters is requested (black). The following building by fukuda is suggested as the coking plant. http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=17970 A map of the plan follows. Further expansion to a full Steel works will be proposed in the future. (i.e. when fukuda finishes up the steel mill) http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=19310
  7. Virgin Shores

    So I started reading this a bit ago, and started wondering how many pages there were when I hit 20... (still need to look at the rest) Wow. Very nice city. How does one get involved in contributing? This is the first CJ I've looked at.
  8. NAM General Discussion Thread

    Is there any way to limit the number of car that appear on the GLR? The trams don't look realistic with more than 2 or 3 cars.
  9. GLR Stations and Hubs

    Err, Mega textures, I mean.
  10. GLR Stations and Hubs

    Cant get ahold of the Mega props package. :(