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  1. http://www.memecenter.com/fun/1236311/scumbag-ea sorry, but it was hilarious. btw, any improvements on THAT game ? i did not opened in the last 2 weeks, being way to disappointed maybe I'll give it a chance..
  2. Anyone else lost interest?

    5 days in row, not even bothered to open origin. took my free game ( BF3 ) and forgot since then of EA. if there will be an massive upgrade or smth I will return. until then.. no chance.
  3. if possible, put the trade depots near to the highway and all the industry near to trade depots ( shorter and faster to deliver). I also made the road like a snake, with no damn intersections so there was no traffic jams as well . so, with 5 processors and 2 tv plants fully upgraded, I had around 3 millions profit daily. from which I paid the imports for plastic and alloys ( part of being imported) and all the safety department of the city. then I got bored
  4. You should see it when you open the Origin app: there's usually a second window which pops up with news or special offers (unless you have it disabled, in which case you should re-enable it.) sorry, no pop-up, no launched featured today no nothing. anyway, I invested already too much time and nerves on this piece of crap, i'll quit and turn back to my beloved U.S.S. Solitudes in Star Trek Online.. a week off t is too much for my crew.
  5. how I am sending power to an arcology? I finished it ( private player) but it needs power and water and I have no clue how to send it ( even if I have hundreds of available electricity and water - sandbox )
  6. i bought this piece of crap on 16 or 17.03, but I see no free game in Origin. I am not qualified for it or what?
  7. if you have oil, you extract it and process it until you gain plastic and / or fuel. sell the fuel if you have ore, the same, extract, process untill you have metal and after you might be able to produces alloys. \ if you have none, import them ( as I am doing) , you will still have a LOT of profit. be aware that you will need a lot of water and energy so keep an eye very close on the utilities and also on the supply chain, otherwise you will end up bankrupt in minutes . LE : and yes, as above mentioned, by recycling, but from recycling you will obtain ONLY a part of the needed raw ( I am using now around 200 tons of alloy and 6k plastics daily ( 5 processors plants and 2 televisions fully upgraded) and the recycling is giving me only 20% of what I need.
  8. Rail Connection

    I used to have a train station. connected to railway and road. no others city in the region ( is private region, not the damn simneighborhood ). no casinos, no tourism attractions, nothing, but each day / hour I had 2k - 3k visitors from the station.
  9. Anyone else lost interest?

    then you are lucky, because I see nowhere the free game. I am not sure if it will be BF3 or smth else, but related to this so called simcity, it was the last time when I spent my money on EA crap. and IF there will be a way to play it offline, I will eb the first to use it, because ... WHY I am not allowed to play MY PRODUCT where I want, because I always have to be online.. which is quite difficult sometimes ( maybe I am in a plain for 8 hours of flight.. ). anyway, I am totally disappointed . I waited for years for this to come and now I am playing SC4..
  10. Ground water drying up too fast!

    what is strange is that the waterpump sucked up all the water from the area, despite a big a sewage station there. I will try to combination with those small sewage stations with no filtering. but the main issue is that, even on this image there were 130 kgal of free water, but still problems.. and I am starting to be really tired of this game. not to mention the 80 eur thrown to garbage...
  11. Ground water drying up too fast!

    all roads are at highest state possible. plenty of water, plenty of electricity, 160k population, 8000k money. half of the city is in a desert.. I will try to take a printscreen, but it was a pain to take one last time, and to show you that I have a full water station with one big treatment station near it, 360 kgal of water but half of the city screaming for water while I was trying to deal with the printscreen, I exited from the game. started again, large file to be processed or smth like this, restart, ok, now the city is supplied entirely, but a lower rate.. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/crapgame.jpg/ as you can see, plenty of available water, roads, but a lot of signs related to poor water availability.
  12. Ground water drying up too fast!

    i have 360 kgal of extra water, but half of city is not supplied with water, industry is going down. so.. enjoy what?
  13. Ground water drying up too fast!

    this game is totally a piece of crap. I am thinking to a refund, because I still have several days in which I can ask for my money to be granted back ( EU rules ). So , I am having 300 kgal of excess water BUT HALF OF MY TOWN is not having water, industry is closing and EA can suck me.. on the other hands I do not see the sewage to replenish the water, in fact it;s all gone compared to yesterday this time...
  14. Ground water drying up too fast!

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/812/fkingwasteofmoney.jpg/ is this style ok.? I am still having issues with water and I am not selling sewage to other cities, sewage capacity is bigger than the water request but the water consumption is increasing all the time even if i am not making significant changes in the city and the water reserve under the water pump is decreasing slowly ... any suggestions? thank you in advance.
  15. Problems with water management

    I will repeat : it is making it SLOWER but it is not a solution. the same city with 110k people, NO CHANGES in the city. water consumption increasing all the time, adviser always saying that I am running out of water, and YES i have the treatment plant near the water pump and THERE IS NO full blue water area as you can see in the image. and when I started to write this post under the water pump was water for 16 months. now is just 13.. so.. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/812/fkingwasteofmoney.jpg/