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  1. Highway sign remover

    you dont know how long those highway signs have been annoying me. thank you so much for this mod.
  2. Graphics issue with Airport lots I made

    Ok I'll go ahead and contact Kumba about it. Thanks for the help.
  3. Graphics issue with Airport lots I made

    Originally posted by: pilotdaryl Something I haven't noticed yet with the jetway lots. Maybe you should use another style of terminal with that jetway... Did you make the A340? If so its a bit bright, you can't see any windows. Try darkening that texture a bit. Good luck! EDIT: Oh, and the side views of the 767 and the A340--it doesn't look right, but thats because proper LODs weren't made for these models, unlike the ACE pack where each plane comes with its own jetway rather than separately BATting the jetway and the aircraft.quote> I've tried it with the other types of terminals from the RMIP pack and it still does the same thing. And no that A340 isnt mine, I downloaded it from a link I saw in a thread about various plane props available. How could I fix the LOD problem with the planes?
  4. Graphics issue with Airport lots I made

    ok ill try to get a close up picture soon.
  5. Graphics issue with Airport lots I made

    what about in front of the planes?
  6. Graphics issue with Airport lots I made

    So does anyone have any ideas on whats causing this or know how to fix it? Ive tried changing the height of the prop and that doesnt help.
  7. Graphics issue with Airport lots I made

    But then how come it looks fine from other angles?
  8. I have been working on some airport lots (B767 and A340 gates) and Im getting this weird graphics bug. In game and in the lot editor when Im looking at them from a certain angle the planes look like theyre on top of the jetway. And from another angle it looks like the jetway is on top of the concourse pieces. Here are some pictures of what Im talking about: With an A340 With a B767 In front of a concourse piece
  9. Airport Tram

    Ive needed one of these for a long time.
  10. Countdown to 200,000!

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