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  1. ACE Airport Pack

    I'm using ACB Airport Base Pack, Add-on pack, RMIP 1 2 3, and SWAP. I've been looking though some airport threads and saw some airport of different terminals. How do I get these different terminals? Are they custom. Also is it possible to have different airlines parked at the gates, instead of the same airline throughout the airport and is there away to build plane 747 as well as other types of aircraft walkways to the concourse. I only see 707 on the stex.
  2. Sim City Aviation Group: REQUESTS

    I think there should be an assorted terminal pack on the stex with some glass terminals. Also a transit- enabled 2 floor departures and arrivals terminal would be awesome, to give airports a realistic look. When will there be new airport related files to download?
  3. Show us your airport!

    I'm trying to find a wider variety of airport terminals but all of the airport packs on the stex offer a limited selection of terminal styles. If there are more terminals, could someone let me know? Also I want to create a large airport but space limits that( even on the largest city in the region). Is there are way to expand the largest city tiles to make them bigger, so I can have a huge airport plus and a huge city? If not, I was wondering why?
  4. Madison Simcity High School

    I love the design. Great work!!
  5. Show us your home City's skyline

    Chicago, Illinois Birthplace of the skyscraper