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  1. Rail-in-Highway Mod

    I am looking for Rail in Road, either HSR or Elevevated Rail in the middle of a HIghway. I do not have any kind of experience assembling lots of this nature, so I would ask you all who create these lots and wonderful pieces that I have used over the last few years, to come up with a solution.
  2. Societies IS Sim City 5.... and it is a disaster in my opinion. There is no continuity in the series... just a way to put the Sims in there. My honest opinion
  3. January '09 NAM Release

    I don't have the original High Speed Rail piece that was able to be dragged along...
  4. January '09 NAM Release

    I have downloaded the NAM 2009, but I wish I could have found the rest of them, when this was released. I'm only getting a monorail feature for HSRP..... Help, please...
  5. January '09 NAM Release

    I'm so waiting for it... when does it get here??
  6. NAM: Requests

    Since the Highway System is hardcoded for a capacity of 65k, and some HSR Stations have capacities up to 75k. I'm looking at stations between the 30k and 75k levels, and stations for High Speed Rail over 100k. For local travel, I'd be looking at Subway and EL stations between 15k-55k
  7. NAM: Requests

    Normally, I would not be sending a message, but I increasingly looking for ways of moving large amounts of people, up to 125k at one time, from an outlying section of town, into the CBD. Highways that are with SC4 are incapable of moving that kind of volume, as are Elevated Rail, Subways, Rail and surface roads. I am able to use HSR to move large chunks of people, but w/o higher capacity roads, and have the program work using them, I'm looking for other options.
  8. NAM: Requests

    What I am looking for in the next NAM 1. Higher capacity roads, up to 10 lanes, like those we currently see in Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston etc. 2A. Elevated Rail that carry 4 trains, 2B. Elevated stations that have a capacity of more than 20k 3. Tunnels for avenues, roads 4. HSRP stations that have capacities between 10k and 30k.. and from 40k to 120k 5. HOV Lanes
  9. Can't Find it? Ask Here!

    I'm actually looking for several items 1. Rail Station (Through) with a capacity of 75,000, for 4 rail lines 2. Subway and EL Rail stations with a capacity of over 30,000 3. Highway with Express lanes (carpool)