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  1. Double-Deck Bridge Experiment

    These look great guys Good work!! cant wait for the release!
  2. i unistalled visual basic and i still have the problem i even upgraded my .NET framework to v. 2.0 and i still have the problem, also tried cleaning out my plugins folder still same thing... this is the picture of the error after the uninstall http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k220/steak_knife/problem3.jpg btw i e-mailed simrolle sorry for the double post =( it's been a while tho, feel free to delete the one above if you need to Thanks! SK
  3. would it have anything to do with visual basic being on my computer i could try uninstalling it
  4. ok i started up the first debugger btw i have no idea how to program i just have visual basic for icon making and my uncle uses it for programming http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k220/steak_knife/problem2.jpg i tried the debuging this was the next error Additional information: Font 'Arial' doesn't support style 'Regular'.
  5. hello i downloaded sc4 tool last night and i tried running it after i installed it i have microsoft .NET framework v 1.1 and the hotfix for it but i get an error message telling me to debug the program this is what i get I have visual basic 2003 do you know what is wrong? i tried re installing it Thanks! SK
  6. ACE Airport Pack

    cant wait for it! will it line up with your ACE airport pack terminals? or are you releasing higher terminals?
  7. Marrast's Embankment Set

    thanks! i heard this was at a japaneese site phew thank god i dont have to translate those!
  8. cellular communications tower

    Great! this is much more detailed than the other tower i might lot edit it though because i want that tower on cement for my airport
  9. Rivers and plants On Mars

    lol i was gonna say all of that but i didnt want to rant since im new but i suppose i can rant, its not really a matter of climate, we hav rough climates here on earth were plants and animals trive but plants couldnt grow on mars' surface it is not dirt its mostly rock and iron oxide hence the red ground so plants couldnt grow their on their own they would need implanted soil for nutreients and minerals
  10. Rivers and plants On Mars

    i think it would be cooler to forget the plants and the terriforming and stick with Agrodomes and oxygen dependency from the greenhouses you could make the highways hav a bubble over the top of them and have an oxygen supply feed system similar to water pipes and water towers