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  1. Pass the Bunny V 2.0

    stuffs hidden grenade in bunny tosses it at leech10
  2. Landfill error!

    oh and next time oyu want to get rid of garbage dont use landfills. there are some things on stex like pegs garbage dump which dumps the garbage over the edge clean small and efficient. landfillls are a pain.
  3. isnt htat what oyur looking for???? im very confused....
  4. the texture were using
  5. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    enough traffic? amazing pictures!
  6. bridges from city to city

    i have an underwater city connectoer from stex never used it but go ahead and try
  7. New cars

    box truck i think had 32 different trucks that were obviously boxed try that
  8. Economic crisis

    well there isnt much dirty stuff if oyu downlaod pegs garbage shute or somehting else thats agarbage facility adn you keep clean power thats what i do so i dont have ot exit citites when i have ot increse pwoer or garbage cpacity (hate loading)
  9. well i was wondering how fast are the various networks in mph? (if nam changes this to somethign else automatically wihtout you sleecting in installation thsoe values are preferred )
  10. yeah and htere roads someone wants to make streets P: and there making 5 lane ones at sc4devotion but its be held of for tla
  11. nerdly_request: Crosswalks

    pm azinoverdrive P:
  12. well i have decided to help with textures so this project can get going faster gmavignier: if you deliver the textures by email pm me i dont use it much having trouble viewing jpegs to bye the way oh and anoyne whho reads htis topic please comment either positive or negative so i have something to read (finished harry potter 7 for the 3rd time and all others 15 or so times i counted i think)
  13. The Dependency Debate

    i just id a quick read through through the topic so if anyone s already thought of this ignore it. how abotu the dependencies come wiht the files and the dependency makers allow this and then we just dleted the files or run cleanitol if you know you have it and if its alarger amoutn of dependencies run cleanintol. those are my thoughts
  14. well oyu oculd make them trains in abotu 3 seconds with sim city 4 tool and theres a subway to rail piece on stex so that might work