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  1. Macintosh City Journals

    I am thinking of starting a city journal, all I have so far is the coat of arms for the royal family of my nation, Superior Marain. The SM as it is know is , a small nation its northern border with southern spain. The idea is that somehow a splinter group from England came down here and settled and made a nation not unlike the UK but with a more relaxed approach to life. Like I said all I have ready is the coats of arms for the Smart Family. The Royal family of Superior Marain. The current king is King Geoffrey I All made on a mac of course and I am playing SC4 like mad so I can officially start the CJ soon with some screen shots ect.. Happy Playing
  2. Thanks for noticing me and understanding my post t wrecks! Still no answer to my questions from anyone else though!
  3. After, several looks at the MAC station capacity bug thread (Which if you had actually read my last post you would have been aware that I do read often!) I found this: Originally posted by: T Wrecks In fact, you owe cogeo a beverage of his choice for finding the bug. I might have found it myself after some digging into the original files, but then again that's easy to say once you have seen the solution, and his tip saved me much precious time at the very least. I will send some adjusted files to jasoncw so that the entire STEX upload can be updated. How good to be awae of this bug in future! quote> I know I am a $%&^!, but I feel that at times, and this is only my 3rd post, some of the more seasoned members/players do not read what newer people post and assume complete ignorance in the new members. I am a very shy person online. I have been a member of simtropolis for a month tomorrow and I only started posting and chatting here after I saw the brilliant work that blahdy has made possible for highways. A few things that should be taken as read: 1 I do read the mac threads 2 I read readme's 3 I download dependancies 4 I am not looking for pc user attitude. I choose to use a mac because they suit me. I am not one of those mac users that think all other computer are crap, they are just my choice. What I am looking for, and I feel I have been asking for politely, is advice from seasoned users as to how or if I can incorporate blahdy's new advancement in highways in my new region that I am planning to make into my first CJ (Working title) Superior Marain. I posted on sunday knowing that the stations probably were exhibiting instances of the mac specific capacity bug that is due to the transit switch capacity being set to 1, and that this on mac's makes the custom stations that are set this way have low, and I mean very low capacities, the capacities on blahdy's big dig lots are all 1! I was asking, if there were any plans to release the lots in the final version with mac friendly, switch capacities. Just a question, and that was not answered. Thanks for the help, just treat me like a human Thanks
  4. Thanks for your help guys. @blahdy 1. I hope plans are underway to set the "Transit Switch Traffic Capacity" property to 0 REPs on the final version (PLEASE GOD) so I can take advantage of this wonderful advance on the Mac version of SC4! 2. I did read the pdf, I read it and scanned the pictures but as I said in the earlier post even when zooming in on them in adobe acrobat reader they are small too small and lack enough detail to understand what the exact placement of the lots are. 3. However since I have the transit switch bug to deal with I have just ploughed up my region for nought! HA lol
  5. Hi this is my first post to simtropolis forums, so be nice to me please. I am experimenting with the wonderful new big dig, bats, and I am having several problems. 1. I am running sim city 4 RH on a Mac and I am getting the capacity of "1" in all of the query boxes when I am placing this highway system in my region. (is this the same bug I have read of in the forums regarding custom stations?) Can anything be done about this? 2. I am unsure if I am even understanding how to implement this new system? How am I sure I have hooked up the subway to the transition lots? Do I need two separate subway lines for east and west? Could pictures be posted on the forum as to how to set this system up, as I found the ones included in the PDF very small and unclear. Let me say however that when I have got this working this will be a great asset to my region Thanks to blahdy for creating it!