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  1. Hi all, I have been facing a small problem when zoning my residential areas, and I can't seem to find what I am doing wrong. In mid- and highrise areas, I am using the CTRL-button to zone for particular lot sizes (e.g. 4x4 or 2x4, etc.). This works for both commercial and residential building. However, I am now working on suburbs, and am using the CTRL-button to zone 1x2 houses only. But this doesn't work! I keep getting the $$$ big villa's (4x3), even though I am zoning each lot separately. Is there any way to prevent this? I want partciular suburbs with $$ houses only, and I am zoning special areas for the high wealth villa's. Is there any other solution, other than leaving a blank area between blocks to avoid the villa's from growing? Because I still want some suburbs to look dense (for instance blocks of 10x4, and 2 rows of houses of 1x2. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, R
  2. Rotterdam

    When I want to load the map in game it does't... Jammer, het ziet er zo vet uit, en lekker klein :)
  3. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Hey, what tree mod do you guys use? I've searched the database but didn't find anything usefull. All I could find were some seasonal trees but they don't look at nice as most of the trees on the uploaded screens here. And how can I make sure all the houses are in the same style? I remember there was an option for it but I can't find it. I also can't find much mods like the houses you use, where did you get them? Thanks in advance, A SC4 $%&^!