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  1. 3.1 Banlieue Public Transport Authority

    Absolutely stunning.
  2. Day 3

    After yesterday's landscape fiasco I was hard pressed and super annoyed with the ugly spewing forth from my cliff edges. I was about ready to ruin everything and just start over out of frustration. I never did find any real solution as to why the anomoly occurred or how to fix/prevent it in the futute. Carefully weighing out my options I decided to scrap all the areas that were giving me trouble and to rework my initial design. After extensive layout work I took extra care in the placement of my water facilities to ensure and protect against a befouling of my vital systems in the future. I don't know if its considered but I made a purposeful note to run my pipes directly from my source to the purification plant before sending them out into the city in an effort to minimalize contamination. With the rebuilding and redesign I took the time to add in numerous water features as well as populate them with useful odds and ends. Namely this docking port for commercial industry. I figure coupled with the air field and the ground rail I should have more than sufficient means of tansport for my manufactured goods. I love how the crane moves back and forth loading the barges. With all the civic amenities any sim could want the residential sector of Subtle Blow is finally complete. I think I went a bit over board on the trees though. After I opened the city gates the populace flooded in with great speed. Things took off quickly in the industrial sector as well. A little too well in fact. After lowering taxes to bring in some new business I quickly out numbered my job to citizen ratio by 10 to 1. I'm going to need to zone in some denser areas real soon.
  3. Day 2

    Today I set forth with plans to layout and setup a large sprawling residential section to provide eager workers for my industrial complex. All was going well, for a time. I started out laying a speedy transit connection through the hills to facilitate travel to and from work for my soon to be citizens. All was going along at a smooth pace as I worked in nice clean level development grounds for my residents when an unfortunate evil occurred to capitalize on my forthcoming nature of ruin. This vile atrocity forced its way into my hard (and pricey) worked landscaping. Try as I might no amount of reworking, bulldozing, road plopping or more would reset this awful display to how it should have been. I was dumbfounded and at a complete loss. I scoured the webs seeking for some information on how to right this wrong but every google out there failed me like a city wide fire where I was too broke to plop a fire station. This might just be a final blow to the town of Subtle Blow before it even gets its start. I simply must find a way to reprieve this grievous turn of events. Foul misshapen beauty will not destroy my town!
  4. Day 1

    After a brief interlude into the SC4Terraformer and coming out with a moderately amicable result I set foot once again into the harsh realm of slopes, cliffs and water hazard strewn region landscaping. In the past I've always done poorly with regional maps, and more so with landscaped maps. Despite my ill foreboding I summed up what meager courage I possess and dove head first into Ruination. Small, modest and ripe for failure. Ruination awaited my first steps. Starting out in the upper most section I set ground at Last Mesa to start a foundation for all to come after. Working out a small private energy pollution factory with only the most minimal safe-guards I made headway in channeling the massive energy reserves out to the south. Subtle Blows, the vast arid landscape due south of Last Mesa was almost screaming for a majorly industrail design. After some extensive ground work and extremely wasteful deciduous beautification my little hole in plains was set and ready for mass production of consumer goods. So far I'm roughly five hours into my new adventure in mayor management. Just laying the foundation has been exhausting. Hopefully once I work in some residents I can fill my sprawling industrial complex with eager new dirty businesses.