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About this City Journal

See the rusty paintwork of despair and injustice, smell the polluted air, and be a witness of a failing government.

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I have almost finished the map from the last update so here we go.



This is just a thumbnail, if you are interested, you can see the whole map (2200*2050px) here:

As you can see it's not quite done, the commuter rail layout isn't done and some geographical names are still missing.

Next I'll show you some mosaics that give a brief overview of Banlieue's infrastructure:



This is Banlieue Independence International, once hailed as the most modern and efficient airport in the United States..that was in 1961. Since then, the terminals have been renovated once - in 1977, but due to limited space the airport was never extended. Today the total passenger number is lower than ever before since most travelers prefer Dulles or JFK over Banlieue Independence. Even the construction of the Metro station in 1980 couldn't improve the Airport's competitiveness since it is just too small and outdated for the modern business man. So it's just remaining as it is with no perspectives for the future - like most of Banlieue.




Welcome to the generic ghettos of LaSalle City/Eastside Banlieue. The Metro station that can be seen marks the end of the purple line (so this is on the opposite map of the map than the airport). The Metro, Expressbuses, and Ferry have an incredibly important role here. While driving through the whole bay to downtown would take over an hour, the ferry needs about half the time for the same trip.

However, this is the part of town, nobody should be visiting for fun. You go there for three reasons: 1. you want to buy crack from the local dealer, 2. you want to sell crack to the locals, 3. you are on crack and live there. The area around the metro station is considered one of the most shady in Banlieue (and there are a lot of shady places in Banlieue). The police doesn't patrol around the area anymore since it's too dangerous.

The Banlieue tourist board recently stated that no tourist should go there during any time of the day after 15 tourists had disappeared there in january 2010. I guess we don't want to know what happened to them.

@TekindusT: actually, no! :D I was mainly inspired by my hometown Berlin's maps which are similar to that. Thanks a lot for the kind words!
@IrvingTwoSmokes: Thanks a lot! I made it using Paint.Net (Freeware), a lot of patience, and 50 layers or so :D
@Jeh7497: Thanks, I used Paint.Net which is like a simple version of ps.
@BusTicketUprising: Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the kind words. I used jeronij's Seawalls that can be found on the BSC Lex over at Sc4Devotion
@ iGod: haha, thanks! I wouldn;t consider myself really good. there are way better maps out there..all you need is a lot of patience :D
@_marsh_: Thanks, I'm really glad to hear this! :D
@soccerderek: You're very welcome. And you're always welcome to ask again.


Hope you enjoyed the update. :D


The Banlieue Public Transport Authority is one of the successes in this run down city. Since its foundation in 1977, an extensive subway system was created which corresponds with the previously existing commuter rail and buses. There are about 100 subway or elevated rail stations with an overall capacity of 3 million passengers per day (which is not reached quite yet). They effectively funnel the workforce from the suburbs into the city which relieved congestion from the poorly planned freeway system. Since I'm not quite done with my subway map, I'll show you a thumb of what it looks like right now. In the next update we'll look at the subway a little closer.



Here a piece of the map in original size. The whole map is right now 2000*2000px. As you might see, there are still some adjustments to be done. 

Hope you liked the teaser and come by for the next update :D

@TekindusT: thanks for stopping by again. concerning the bridge I have to say that it's a new construction and the busiest bridge in the whole metro area (some 8000 vehicles says the traffic info thing). I think it makes a nice contrast to all this devastation. I will, however, consider your advice for upcoming bridge projects..thanks! :D
@DCMetro34: Thanks..I'm glad you like it. I hope you like the upcoming updates since I took most of my inspiration from the DC Metro system :D
@ Trabbuco: Don't be jealus my friend, it's all about learning from other people.
@Jamonbread: thanks a lot, I hope you stop by for further updates! :D
@Keep-Up: man, I loved DC..especially the contrasting architecture (Georgetown <> Crystal City) :D
it actually inspired me a lot for the CJ.
@IrvingTwoSmokes: Thanks a lot..and I hope I can keep it up as well :D
@ Paul5: Thanks a loooot! 
@soccerderek: it depends on which seawalls you use. Your terrain has to be even (i use the god mode tool for the big stuff and then the mayor mode level tool). Turn the grid on and to get it perfectly even, use single street tiles. Take a look at the omnibus, there are some good tutorials about that ;)
@ dimipol006: Thanks a lot. I hope I can keep the promises :D


2.0 The Projects


Welcome to the Projects - large social housing estates built during and after the great depression to cope with increasing homelessness all across Banlieue. They are affectionately called "Crack Stacks" by most Banlieue natives, which might be some kind of black humor since these buildings are home to about 300.000 people...

No wonder Banlieue licensed more liquor stores between 1970 and 2009 than the whole state of Oregon.

The pictures I'm going to show you were mainly taken in the port area of the city, but there are quite a few spots where they can be found.







Next We have an office center quite close to where the previous panorama was shot. It's one of those soulless parts of town that gets most of its attention at night when desperate men come to the many strip clubs in this area...


And last but not least we have a project which I'm currently developing on another coastline



Hope you enjoyed the mosaics...it took me quite a while to make them. And' I'd be grateful if you could tell me whether I should keep the texts or not.



First off, I'm glad this CJ got such a positive reception..so thanks for that.

@Jeh7497: Thanks, the region is actually larger than what I showed so there is more to come. And thanks a lot for the first comment! :D

@Keep-Up: Thanks! I have never been to Cleveland as I'm from Germany, but I have briefly visited DC and originally had something in mind like the DC metro area with sprawling suburbs and some public transport, but then I figured that it might be interesting to build some really ghetto style cities..The DC area has however greatly influenced Banlieue's public transport which I might show in the following update.

@TekindusT: I actually looked at your most current CJ and really liked it. Especially the use of the LA River which I have too, but I haven't found a use for it yet. Anyways, thanks a lot for your time and the kind words!

@Dethsrow: Well, I hope you like this update then! :D Thanks!


1.0 Introduction


Banlieue is an American themed city somewhere in the rustbelt of the east coast. Crime is high, wages are not, but Crack prices are still comparatively low. 

While it is on the bottom of probably any statistic concerning life expectancy/government transparency/GDP per capita (you get what I mean, quality of life in general), it is not a complete loser city (I'm looking at you, Detroit). It is estimated that Banlieue is home to the most flourishing drug market in the States and it's also the city with the most social housing capacities. 


After all this negativity, we want to take a look at Banlieue's more...liveworthy places..


Condos like these are a privilege, home to a small elite that generates 78% of Banlieues tax income. Some of them are said to have more than one bank account on the Cayman Islands and in Switzerland....


The architectually diverse downtown is one of the gems within the moloch; it has been subject to dillapidation over the past few years, however





The city itself is constantly shrinking since people who can afford it move to the suburbs, on the other side the metro is constantly growing, uncontrolled with more and more generic office centers popping up along the freeways. Those are huge concrete deserts, stuffed with soulless workers forgetting their bitter fate in consumption.

Here we have one close to the seaport in an area which is still quite urban.


Here is a short overview of what the city looks like in transport view...right now it consists of 4 large and one medium map (the freeway in the sea).

Enjoy and tell me what you think..the next time I'm going to focus on one certain thing..perharps sarcasm.

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