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  1. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, thats were most of that oil was found north of the border. The problem is that Saskatchewan has a labour shortage already, are highways are in poor condition, and they just started drilling oil in northern sask. and are planning on building diamond mines which takes a lot labour that we don;t have. I don't think its going to change much on this side of the border considering are issues and shortage of trades people.
  2. If u want to get the whole region in picture I would recommend u get Sawtooth's Region Census v0.8. I found on the LEX SC4 Devotion, u can take pics on the program of your region in full.
  3. Show Us Your... seaport!

    jroc187 were did you get the aircraft carrier. sweet seaports everyone
  4. Freeway Sign Pack Two

    Sweet just what I needed.
  5. Stone security wall model

    Sweet security wall i've been using on different projects. Is there any possibilty that an inner corner for the security wall will be made, that would be sweet. Great Work I would like to see more.