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  1. Would there actually be that much work in making a LHD version of these lots? All you would have to do is reverse the signs and get the modders to make the traffic to flow through the other way. That way many other people would be able to use your art! Pretty please.
  2. Hey, Im trying to use the terrorformer to recreate a city. I found a map of the city I want but im unsure of the scaling I should be using. Current map is 1cm = 1km so that is 100000:1 correct? So I zoom down on part of the map at 195%. Then I take a section of 1000x1000 and then enlarge that by 1.281 to increase to 250% zoom or 40000:1 Now what dimensions do I place in terraformer to make it as accurate as possible on simcity. eg. each sqare is as close to 16m or whatever it is in real life. Cheers
  3. what sort of nightlighting should i be expecting on these? As far as i can see there is none at all.
  4. Wouldnt that make underground intersections? or is that the idea? Originally posted by: DuskTrooper Well, I just wanted to post how I use these FW thingies in here(if you don't mind...). (of course, you can see the BETA NDEX tunnel thingy.) quote>
  5. so no left hand drive ay? that sucks. Any plans for a realease in the near future? Reason im asking is that I just reinstalled simcity and want to know if i can swap the sides to what sane people drive on. lol Other then that, your a champ!
  6. Hey, great project. Just wondering though the impact of having left hand drive traffic in sim city. Will this mod be compatible?